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Tiger Claw Hidden Deck Fasteners

Continuing on our trail of hidden deck fasteners, we come across Tiger Claw Hidden Deck Fasteners. Tiger Claw was developed with the idea of simplifying the hidden deck fastening system while also attempting to make it more economic. With Tiger Claw you get a safer, longer lasting and superior looking deck without breaking the bank! This hidden fastening system is great for composite, synthetic, and wood boards, both grooved and solid. Depending on the decking that you are using for your project, you can choose from multiple different Tiger Claw options.

The Tiger Claw TC-G hidden fasteners are specifically made for creating a nail-free deck surface with 5/4” thick and larger grooved boards that are manufactured from composites and hardwoods.

The Tiger Claw TC2S hidden fasteners are specifically designed for a nail/screw-free surface on softwoods with a thickness of 1" and thicker.

The Tiger Claw TC3S hidden fasteners were designed to create a nail/screw-free deck surface on composite of synthetic decking boards. These hidden fasteners provide an automatic 3/16" spacing for your boards.

The Tiger Claw TC4S hidden fasteners are designed specifically for creating a nail/screw-free deck surface for hardwood decking. These fasteners are recommended for use in 3/4" or 5/4" decking with up to 4" nominal width.

The Tiger Claw TC-120 were designed for creating a nail/screw-free deck surface with 3/4" thick grooved boards that are mahogany or ironwood.

The Tiger Claw Proclip was designed for AZEK PVC decking, but can be used with most PVC decking that is no less than 1" thick.

Tiger Claw also has a gun available; if you're a deck builder this is a "MUST HAVE" item. The Pneumatic Gun by Tiger Claw drastically decreases the time it takes to install decking and has a full replacement warranty. To go along with the pneumatic gun, Tiger Claw also has nailscrews and stainless steel nailscrews available.

Just in case you have solid standard boards but want grooved boards, Tiger Claw also has the TC Slot Cutter so you can groove your own boards!


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Tiger Claw Features

  • Full Warranty on the Pneumatic Gun
  • Free Ground Shipping on $99+ orders
  • Provides a Nail & Screw free Deck Surface
  • Compatible with Wood, Synthetics, and Composites
  • Typically ships same day from Decks Direct


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