SplitStop High Performance Deck Screws now available

SplitStop High Performance Deck Screwsvirtually eliminate splitting even when placed 1/8 of an inch for the edge of the wood or composite board. These self-tapping screws will drive through dense materials such as composites and hardwoods as well as knots. With SplitStop, unsightly mushrooming in composites is a thing of the past.

SplitStop has options ranging from composite screws, ACQ rated screws, screws for cellular PVC, as well as hardwood and softwood screws.

SplitStop High Performance Deck Screws

Why Choose SplitStop:

  • Why we love them: SplitStop Screws are self-tapping so there's no need for pre-drilling.
  • Why they're unique: SplitStop Screws can be drilled in 1/8 of an inch from the edge of the board without splitting the wood.
  • Why You'll love them: Some SplitStop Screws have painted heads to match any deck surface.


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