Dekor Recessed Lighting

Dekor Plug & Play Lighting

Dekor Lighting offer dozens of unique and quality lighting solutions for your deck and yard. Now, it’s easier than ever to install your Dekor products thanks to their innovative Plug & Play system. Simply plug male connectors into female - that’s it!

The Benefits of Plug & Play

Dekor Plug & Play lighting systems are both beautiful and easy to operate. The connectors are completely waterproof and self-sealing, eliminating the need to strip wires. There is also no guesswork when it comes to polarity as the Dekor connectors are keyed to function properly just by plugging them in.

Transformers, Controllers, and Cables

In addition to a plethora of attractive Dekor Plug & Play lights, DecksDirect also features compatible transformers, dimmers, and cables. There are a variety of lengths for cables, including extra long 60 ft options to ensure your installation goes smoothly. Dimmers offer better control of your lights to create the ambience you desire - some can even be controlled using your smartphone! For an efficient way to connect your lights, consider checking out the Dekor Plug & Play Quick Connect Hub. It has six ports, each of which accepts Plug & Play male connectors. It features plugs for ports that are not in use. The unit can be mounted quickly and easily via pre-drilled screw holes.

Dekor Plug & Play lighting solutions make installing and enjoying your outdoor lights a breeze. Make sure to check out all of Dekor Lighting’s products today on DecksDirect!