AZEK Pro Plug PVC System

Get a seamless and secure installation for your AZEK deck with the new Pro Plug System for PVC. The System consists of two components, which are sold separately; The Pro Plugs and the Pro Plug Tool.

Fasteners come in your choice of epoxy-coated steel or 305 stainless steel, and plugs are made of actual AZEK decking for a perfect match. The specially designed tool drives your screw to the perfect depth while it creates a precise hole for the PVC plug.

Azek Pro Plug PVC System

Pro Plug PVC System

    • Why We Love It: This system creates a fastener free surface with a traditional method and modern materials.
    • Why It's Unique: These plugs made from actual AZEK PVC deck and trim material so the finishes will match perfectly.
    • Why You'll Love it: These pro plugs are great for stairs or end boards where hidden fasteners are not an option.


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