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AGS Stainless

Today we are staying on the cable railing path with AGS Stainless. AGS Stainless offers ExpressRail Cable that is a DIY-friendly, high-end cable railing system. This cable railing system comes pre-drilled and fully-welded which eliminates the need for on-site drilling.

The cable that is used with AGS Stainless is an Electroplated 316 Stainless Steel 1/8 inch thick cable. The electropolish of the cable wire improves corrosion resistance by removing the elemental iron within the wire, resulting in an extremely shiny and smooth surface. The electroplated cable is available in any length on a price per foot basis, or in 50 foot or 100 foot pre-coiled sections.

With AGS Stainless you have the option of using a traditional Stainless Steel Deck Mount Post or a Stainless Steel Fascia Mount Post as well as a matching Stainless Steel Skirt. With the fascia mount post you will mount the post on the fascia or side of your deck, allowing you to utilize all of your deck's square footage. Both of the post options are available in a 36" or 42" rail height.

AGS also offers various stainless steel fittings like the Swageless Stainless Steel Fitting and Stainless Steel Toggle Fitting. Each run of cable requires a fixed fitting at one end and an adjustable tensioning fitting at the other end to tighten the cable. If you need to remove your cable from the fitting you can use the Cable Release Key available on DecksDirect.

After you've gotten your posts set and your cable installed you may want to install the sleek StarLight Solar Down Light. AGS offers the StarLight as a complement to the slender AGS stainless steel posts. This light subtly shines out of the cutouts on the front of the light with the majority of the light shining downward. AGS also offers a Light Mouting Kit to help install your StarLight onto the stainless steel posts.

The final step to the AGS Stainless ExpressRail Cable Railing System is to add your own hardwood top rail for an extremely sleek, modern, upscale finished look.

AGS Stainless realizes that you want to keep your stainless steel cable railing system looking shiney and new, and so they offer cleaning and anti rusting kits. The Stainless Steel Cleaning/Passivating Kit is a 15-30 minute quick fix to your dulling cablerail. Use the included scotch-brite scrubbing pad to buff out imperfections and keep your cable rail shiney and bright. If you are worried about your stainless steel rusting you can use the Citrisurf 2310 ready to use rust remover paired with the Rust Rescue 200 surface protection. After thoroughly cleaning the cable rail with the CitriSurf 2310, you'll apply Rust Rescue 200 with a cloth, brush, roller or sprayer in a light coat. You'll let the solution dry for about 10 minutes and then wipe off any excess.

AGS Stainless is available on DecksDirect today!

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