Styled Baluster Types

Styled balusters are a beautiful and innovative choice for DIY deck builders, professional contractors, and homeowners to create an eye-catching deck railing design without overpowering the outdoor living space.

Available in tough, durable materials such as powder-coated aluminum and steel; styled deck balusters provide an ornate appeal while standing up to the changing weather for years to come.

Check out the different types of styled baluster designs and find the unique, decorative look your deck wants

Deck Baluster Designs

From basket and twist deck spindle design to one-of-a-kind lighted balusters and panels; knowing your styled deck baluster options allows you to mix and match the styles to build the deck railing baluster pattern you truly want.

Styled Baluster Options

Twist balusters bring a light touch of whimsy and unique appeal to your DIY deck railing easily

Twist Balusters

Twist pickets provide a gentle dash of distinction to your railing design and overall appearance. Delivering a classic, wrought-iron railing appeal, twist deck spindles are available in either a single twist or double twist design.

Mix and match the single twist baluster and double twist picket to create a diamond shape in the center of railing sections, or intermix them with standard spindles.

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Beautiful basket pickets and balusters deliver a centerpiece design for your outdoor living space

Basket Balusters

An ideal choice for tailoring your deck railing to the design and style of your home, basket spindles from Dekor and Fortress! Create your own unique pattern blending together the graceful single or double basket balusters and the standard square or round balusters to give your deck an exceptional look your neighbors are sure to notice.

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The strong look of the collar deck balusters bring a touch of modern style to your deck railing design

Collar Balusters

The collar design adds a touch of creative flair to your standard railing sections and helps your backyard stand out from the neighborhood crowd. Handcrafted and welded with precision, add as many or as few collar pickets as you like to gain a dash of detail on your deck. Combine the Dekor Collar balusters with the standard round or square balusters to emphasize your look and create a unique pattern only you can.

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Add lighted deck balusters to your outdoor space to gain a stunning deck or porch area throughout the night

Lighted Deck Balusters

Whether lighting the way in high foot-traffic areas or setting a magical atmosphere for your deck, the Dekor Balusters with Lights are versatile enough to achieve the look you want for your deck. Each lighted baluster is handcrafted and welded to exact specifications for a unique design that's also uniform throughout your area.

Choose to illuminate your entire outdoor living space, deliver a touch of light in the center of your railing sections, or brighten up stairways with Dekor lighted balusters today!

Perfect Panel Balusters

For a durable yet refined piece that adds style and security all in one, choose Dekor Perfect Panels to create the stately outdoor living space of your dreams. Install Dekor Perfect Panels alone or in combination with the standard square or round balusters to create an extraordinary look sure to set your deck apart from the rest on the block.

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