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  • Tensions cable fittings and hides hardware for a sleek, polished finish
  • Attaches slim 1/8-inch cables for a wide-open deck view
  • Color options to match or contrast with your posts

Secure your HandiSwage™ cable and hide the unsightly fittings underneath beautiful, polished cover nuts in the color of your choice with HandiSwage™ Cover Nut Sets.

The HandiSwage™ system is designed for a streamlined look that hides cable fittings within your posts, leaving only the thin 1/8-inch cable between you and your deck view. Cover Nut Sets are perfect for hiding cable-to-post connections if you're using HandiSwage™ Studs, HandiSwage™ Long Studs, or HandiSwage™ Flush Fittings.

Each cover nut set includes ten stainless steel 1/4-inch nuts, ten stainless steel washers, ten stainless steel lock nuts, and ten caps. Choose from five color options for the look that fits your deck best.

For easy installation, check out the HandiSwage™ Combination Wrench Set.


DecksDirect # 534163
Atlantis Cable Rail

HandiSwage Cable Railing Installation Instructions

Colors Black, Light Brown, Dark Brown, Metallic Silver, and White
Pack Size Single Cap and
10 Set with Washers (10 Caps, 10 Nuts, 10 Lock Nuts, 10 Washers)
Threading 1/4 in, Right Hand/UNF
(width x depth)
0.69 in x 0.42 in
Material Type 316 Stainless Steel & Plastic
Warranty View Atlantis Warranty Information
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