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Troubleshooting Guide

You found the perfect low-voltage light and now you are having difficulty getting the light to work properly. Despite the simplicity of the design, they can develop problems or require maintenance. The good news is that most of the problems are easy to troubleshoot and correct. DecksDirect.com has created this troubleshooting guide to assist in the process of determining what may or may not be the problem.

transformer photoeye tapped

1. Is the transformer working?


PHOTO EYE - If all of your lights are not functioning, chances are the transformer is causing this. Many transformers have a photo eye built in. If you are testing your system during daylight hours, place a piece of tape over the photo eye. It may take 2-5 minutes for the photo eye to respond after covering.

ON/OFF - Another thing to consider is that many transformers have an on/off switch. If your transformer has an on/off switch, verify the switch is in the “ON” position as well as plugged in. Many transformers have a built in circuit breaker. To reset the circuit breaker, turn the switch off and then on again.

POWER SOURCE - Check to make sure your power source is a live outlet and is on.

TIMER - If you are using a timer, you may want to test the system without the timer first. If you do have the transformer plugged into the timer, make sure the timer is turned on.

CAPACITY - If your lights are dim or you are experiencing issues with blown fusses or a tripped circuit breaker, these may be the result of an overloaded transformer. To determine the size of transformer you should be using, add up the total number of watts for each light fixture you are using. Then, add another 10% for cables and connections that add hidden watts to your system. If this number is higher than the capacity of your transformer, you will need to purchase an additional or higher wattage transformer.

TEMPERATURE - If you are experiencing extremely cold temperatures, this may cause temporary flickering or non-operational lights.

transformer on off switch

2. Could it be the wire?

TYPE/SIZE - Wire should be purchased according to the type of light you have selected, the location of the lights and the wire layout. Make sure you used the correct type and size of wire. See the DecksDirect Lighting Guide for more information.

POLARITY - Staying consistent in matching wire types is important as you continue through the wiring process. Most wires will have a “smooth” black wire combined with another wire that has white lettering and/or is ribbed – matching polarity is critical for most LED lights.

BROKEN RUN - Check to see if the wire connecting the light bulb to the main cable is not broken.

transformer on off switch

3. Are the lights defective?

If one light is out, it could be the light or the connection to the light and is most likely not the transformer.

BULBS – Check to confirm the bulb is connected properly to its socket. Sometimes, the bulb may have a blown filament. Test the fixture with a bulb from a fixture that is known to work.

POWER – If your light is not working, one thing you may want to check is that your light is receiving power. One way to test this is to hook the light directly to the transformer. Don't forget the check the polarity of the wires even when testing a single light. If the light does not light, and you have already determined it is not the bulb, then it could be defective. If the light does illuminate, the issue is most likely the wiring or connections (see wire section above).

Warranty Information

If all of the trouble shooting techniques have been exhausted, and you have determined that you have a defective product, DecksDirect.com would be happy to handle all warranty claims within 30 days of receiving your order. Any warranty claims beyond 30 days, should be made directly with the manufacture of the light. Please refer to the specific manufacturer’s warranty policy and claim submission procedures.

1. Defective Fixture or Transformer (within 30 days)

If the entire fixture or transformer is found to be defective and you are within the 30 day warranty period, DecksDirect.com will warranty the product with a replacement at no cost. Please contact at us at 1-888-824-5316 to submit a claim.


Option 1 - Standard
The defective unit will need to be returned to DecksDirect.com prior to a replacement light or transformer being sent. A return shipping label will be provided at no charge via e-mail. Prior to a return label being submitted, DecksDirect.com must have a customer’s credit card on file. If the fixture or transformer is determined to be defective, a replacement will be shipped via Standard Ground service at no charge. If Expedited Shipping is requested, Expedited Shipping fees will be charged.
If the returned fixture or transformer is found to be in working condition, the cost of return shipping to DecksDirect.com will be charged.

Option 2 - Expedited
If time is critical, a replacement light or transformer can be shipped immediately with a return tag in the package. The replacement light or transformer and shipping charges will be charged to the customer. When the original fixture or transformer is returned and determined to be defective, a full credit for the product and shipping will be applied. If Expedited Shipping is requested, Expedited Shipping fees will be charged and not refunded.

2. Defective Bulb (Models with replaceable units, within 30 days)

If the bulb is determined to be defective and you are within the 30 day warranty period, DecksDirect.com will warranty the product with a replacement at no cost. Please contact at us at 1-888-824-5316 to submit a claim.

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