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We are proud to be the exclusive retailer of Cedar Oil by Penofin! We are confident in this product and what it can do for your outdoor cedar projects, and this guide will tell you why it’s beneficial and how to use it.



Penofin Cedar Oil - Only at DecksDirectPenofin's Tradition of Excellence


Long before we developed Cedar Oil, Penofin Penetrating Oil was the first deck stain DecksDirect chose to sell because of the superior product performance, ease of use, and diversity of product offerings. For materials from hardwoods to composites and mainly focusing on softwoods in the middle of the spectrum, Penofin offers several formulas of semi-transparent stains that enhance the look of the decking while protecting it from sun damage, mold & mildew.

The essential ingredient featured in all of Penofin’s deck stains is Brazilian Rosewood Oil, a sustainably-harvested oil that nourishes all types of wood from the inside out while providing protection against mildew.


Wood Treated with Cedar Oil vs. UntreatedWood Considerations


Cedar Oil is great for cedar decks, railings, fences, and shakes of any age! Whether it’s brand new or years old, Cedar Oil will nourish and protect your deck. Additional preparation steps may be needed prior to staining older wood.


Cedar Oil 1-Gallon Can Cedar Oil Makeup


Just like the Penofin formulas that preceded it, Cedar Oil contains hearty and nourishing Brazilian Rosewood Oil. In addition to this foundation ingredient, Cedar Oil contains a special blend of transoxide pigments which give the oil its transparent cedar tone. This formula was blended to enhance and intensify the golden cedar tones without masking the natural grain patterns.

Cedar Oil penetrates into the wood and surrounds the wood fibers to protect from within, unlike other stains which sit on top of the wood and form a surface film that can chip, bubble, or flake. Each time Cedar Oil is applied, you’ll see great results with this one-coat formula: a deepened cedar tone plus protection against mold, mildew and sun damage. As Cedar Oil is reapplied over time, more oil builds up around the wood fibers to further enhance the wood’s beauty and provide additional protection from the elements.

Our Cedar Oil was developed to withstand Hawaii’s tropical combination of intense sun, heavy humidity and frequent rain, and it boasts over 99% UV Protection. With this special formulation, it is sure to excel in the conditions where you live in the contiguous United States.


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