A Trex Signature Rod Rail deck railing bringing beauty and safety to a luxurious deck

What railing fits your deck life? Are you looking for a picturesque view? DIY-friendly install? A look to match your home's architecture? We'll find you a railing that doesn't just fit your deck - it fits your life.

Max options & trusted guidance with DecksDirect: we've got a huge selection of railing options in all materials, styles, colors and functions. Let us guide you to the perfect railing for you - then we’ll ship it to you fast!

NEW Skyline Cable Railing
Key-Link Cable Railing - Now With NEW Post Options for Crossover Posts, Proud Posts, and Slim 2-1/2-inch Posts
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Dekor Square Aluminum Balusters in Antique Metal Black
from $66.60
 Dekor Single Basket Round Balusters paired with Double Basket Balusters and Dekor Standard Staight Round Balusters
from $20.75
Dekor Square Basket Balusters
from $21.44
Dekor Single Casey Collar Square Balusters
from $21.44
Round End Cap Baluster Connectors by Dekor - Level
from $4.99
Square End Cap Baluster Connectors by Dekor - Stair - Installed
from $4.99
Vintage Series Round Steel Balusters By Fortress
from $34.99
Vintage Series Round Basket Baluster by Fortress in the Single Basket, Black Sand design.
from $16.99
Vintage Series Square Face-Mount Pickets by Fortress -Black Sand-31 in
from $75.99
Vienna Series Face-Mount Belly Balusters by Fortress - Black Sand
from $99.99
Vienna Series Face-Mount Bow Steel Balusters by Fortress
from $99.99
Pure View Glass Balusters By Fortress
from $87.99
EZ Mount Round Baluster Connectors By Fortress - Level
from $14.99
EZ Mount Square Baluster Connectors By Fortress - Level
from $19.99
FE26 Touch Up Spray Paint by Fortress
from $13.99
FE26 Pressed Dome Post Cap by Fortress - Antique Bronze
from $5.99
Pure View Glass Nylon Baluster Connectors By Fortress - Level
from $24.99
Pure View Glass Baluster Mounting Clips by Fortress
from $82.99
Pure View Mounting Screws By Fortress
from $9.99
FE26 Steel Rails for Pure View Glass Rail by Fortress - Gloss Black
from $194.99

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