1/4 Inch Diameter Feeney Fittings For Aluminum Posts

A contemporary home accented by Feeney Cable Rail during dusk.

Strong and compact 1/4 inch thick stainless steel cable offers a safe barrier for your commercial or industrial railing project while keeping your space looking modern and clean, choose 1/4 Inch Diameter Feeney Fittings for Aluminum Posts to complete your cable railing system. From surface-mount connections and protective rubber grommets, creating your steel cable style has never been easier.

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The 1/4 Inch CableRail Quick-Connect® Inset Fittings attach the cable to your wood or metal deck posts without any special tools or fittings required.
from $30.87
CableRail Hex Head Bolt (Sold individually)
from $1.49
Nylon Flat Washers for Feeney CableRail - 1/4 inch
from $0.54
CableRail Rubber Grommet by Feeney
from $0.45
Feeney Cable Rail Isolation Bushing - Top
from $1.99