Zip-Up UnderDeck

ZipUp UnderDecking creates a living space under your deck that is inviting and functional.

Transform your underdeck space from unfinished to unforgettable. ZipUp UnderDeck Drainage funnels rainwater away while creating a gorgeous ceiling for under your deck. It’s easy to install on both new and existing decks to double your deck space.

Make your project easy with DecksDirect’s guidance. Our estimating tools and our team of experienced project planners make it easy to upgrade your under-deck living space. Plan with us - we’ll create a space perfectly tailored to your vision.

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Zip-Up UnderDeck Pitch Rail - 1/2"
Starting at: $47.99
Wall Trim - White
Starting at: $37.99
Zip-Up UnderDeck Main Rail - White
Starting at: $49.99
Add a polished look to your underdeck area with Zip-Up UnderDeck Panels, shown in a Gray serrated finish
Starting at: $74.99
Hardware Kit For ZipUP UnderDeck® Drainage
Starting at: $39.99
Zip-Up UnderDeck Seam Trim - Beige
Starting at: $42.99
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