Fasten Master in action using the Cortex Concealed Fastening System

Trusted and dependable hardware. Recommended by pro builders around the world, FastenMaster is known for high-quality decking hardware that lasts. Get screws, plugs, installation tools and more to make your deck upgrade smoother.

Specific fasteners for every job. Your deck deserves more than a generic screw. We’ve got fastening systems specifically designed for any deck project, from hidden fasteners to plugs that match your decking color and texture to fascia-specific screws to tools that make your deck project easy.

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Buy (2) CONCEALoc Buckets, get the Tiger Claw Installation Gun FREE!
$1,419.98 $1,700.09
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Buy (2) TCG Buckets and (2) NailScrew packs, get the Tiger Claw Installation Gun FREE!
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Loose Cortex Plugs for Trex Decking by FastenMaster
from $17.09
Collated Replacement Plugs make it easy to give your deck a fastener-free surface
from $19.99
Cortex plugs are made from the exact same composite material as TimberTech deck boards for a perfect match
from $18.99
FUSIONLoc® Pneumatic Gun by FastenMaster
from $899.99
TrapEase Composite Fascia Screws by FastenMaster
from $80.09
The Collated Cortex Hidden Fastening System for AZEK Trim by FastenMaster includes the Cortex plugs, installation screws, and Cortex setting tools.
from $182.99
HeadLOK Screws By FastenMaster - 2-4/8 in - 50 pack - Packaging
from $14.39
TOPLoc® Face Fastening System For TimberTech Advanced PVC Decking - Brown - 350 pack - Packaging
from $145.99
LedgerLOK Flat Head Fasteners by FastenMaster - 3-5/8 in - 50 pack - Packaging
from $47.69
The Collated Cortex Concealed Fastening System is available in packs of 350 or 1050.
from $152.99
TrapEase 3 AutoFeed Composite Deck Screws by FastenMaster - 2-1/2 in - Brown - Packaging
from $161.99
TrapEase 3 Driver Bits by FastenMaster
from $15.29
TrapEase 3 Composite Deck Screws By FastenMaster
from $49.49
Cortex Concealed Fastening System for AZEK's TimberTech Decking
from $105.99
Collated Plugs for AZEK Trim, available in either Traditional White or Frontier White, can help finish the look of your deck with ease.
from $18.99
TOPLoc® Face Fastening System for TimberTech Composite Decking - Gray - 350 pack - Packaging
from $61.99
Tiger Claw Butt Seam Clip - 55 Pack
from $35.99
ThruLOK Screw Bolts By FastenMaster - 6-1/4 in - 24 pack - Packaging
from $31.49