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Rubber Shim by Bison Place shims (whole or in segments) can be used under a Bison or Versadjust pedestal, in a stair-step fashion to compensate for sloping substrates. These flexible shims may also be placed on top of pedestals to accommodate for minor leveling of pavers with thickness variations.

If placing under the pedestal, no more then four shims can be used per pedestal. If placing on top of the pedestal, no more than two shims can be used per pedestal. When using only 1/4 of the shim on top of a pedestal, adhere it to the pedestal with construction adhesive.


DecksDirect # 5001

Bison Brochure (2.81 MB) 

Bison Versadjust Brochure (447 KB) 

Bison Installation Instructions (1.25 MB) 

Bison Versadjust Installation Instructions (620 KB) 

Bison Specifications (1.25 MB) 

Bison Versadjust Specifications (1.25 MB) 

Pack Size

Height Range1/16 in
(width x depth x height)
Material TypeRubber
WarrantyBison 3-Year Warranty
OtherMade in the USA

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