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Create the beautiful backyard space you've always wanted for your home no matter the slope or foundation of your area with the incredibly effective the SE Eterno Adjustable Deck Supports from MRP Supports. Build your deck, patio or porch wherever is most convenient for you with the versatile SE Eterno Adjustable Deck Pedestals by MRP Deck Supports; from the waterproofing membrane on rooftops to uneven backyards and surfaces, the self-leveling Eterno Support helps to expand your space wherever you need. Rated for more than 2,205 pounds each, the Adjustable Deck Supports are remarkably strong and designed to sustain everything from concrete slabs, porcelain pavers, Ipe Wood Deck Tiles, wood deck joists, or composite decking with no issue at all.

Eterno Adjustable Pedestal Supports feature an included self-leveling head that has a curved base allowing it to pivot and automatically accommodate any slope up to 5% for a straightforward install all-in-one. A white protective component sits on top of the self-leveling head which prevents tiles or pavers from moving while also eliminating any creaking or rattling. SE Eterno Deck Supports were designed to accept wood tile installation pins (included) which fit into the corners of Ipe Wood Tiles for a secure installation. Removable spacers provide a consistent 5/32 inch gapping between tiles. An included locking piece can be used to fix the self-leveling head in place at the desired angle by gently tapping it into place at the center of the head. The MRP pedestal base is scored on the underside, making cutting easier when a corner or edge placement is required. Pre-drilled holes in the base provide drainage from everyday moisture or rain and can be used for additional security if desired.

When installed on a rooftop, the SE Eterno Adjustable Deck Supports create an opening between the paving and the waterproof membrane which encourages constant air circulation which extends the life of your waterproofing membrane or EPDM while also concealing and protecting pipes, wires, or equipment stored there. Crafted from 100% recyclable plastic material, the SE Eterno Adjustable Deck Supports feature a temperature resistance range from -22 degrees to 248 degrees F for an earth-friendly deck construction option that's durable and long-lasting throughout the seasons.

Once deck tiles and pavers have been installed on the MRP deck pedestals, the height of the pedestal can still easily be adjusted without lifting and removing the heavy tiles. The center of the Adjustable support can be accessed with an Adjustment Key for MRP Supports (sold separately) simply turn the Adjustment Key clockwise to lower the threaded screw component, while turning it counter-clockwise will raise the screw.

With fifteen different heights available, from 1-1/8 inch up to 21-3/4 inches, the MRP Eterno Adjustable Pedestal Supports can help create a level, solid base for your outdoor space regardless of the gradient and slope of the area.

The SE Eterno Adjustable Deck Supports are sold individually and will include (1) Pedestal, (1) Automatic Self-Leveling Head, (1) Locking Piece, and (4) Ipe Tile Installation Pins.

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Heights AvailableSE0: 1.125 in - 1.5 in
SE1: 1.5 in - 2 in
SE2: 2 in - 3 in
SE3: 3 in - 4.75 in
SE4: 4.75 in - 6.75 in
SE5: 6.75 in - 8.5 in
SE6: 5.5 in - 9 in
SE7: 7.25 in - 10.75 in
SE8: 9.25 in - 12.75 in
SE10: 9.875 in - 15 in
SE9: 8 in - 13.5 in
SE11: 11.75 in - 15.75 in
SE12: 10.5 in - 18 in
SE13: 12.4 in - 19.75 in
SE14: 14.25 in - 21.75 in
DimensionsSupport Base Diameter: 8 in
Screw Diameter: 3-1/2 in
Extension Diameter: 3-3/4 in
Self-Leveling Head Diameter: 6 in x 1/2 in
Spacing5/32 in
Removable Spacer Height 1/2 in
Load Rating2200 lbs
Pack SizeEach
Material TypeRecycled plastic
Package Contents(1) pedestal with self-leveling head, (1) locking piece, (4) Ipe tile installation pins
WarrantyView MRP Supports Warranty Information
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