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Keep both your costs and installation time low with the revolutionary Eliminator Fastening Tool by Mantis which allows you to build up to 80% faster than ever before. Designed specifically to work with the Mantis Hidden Deck Clip System (sold separately), the Eliminator Pneumatic Screw Gun features an EZ-Slide attachment with a sturdy magnet to hold and keep the clip in place so you can move from joist to joist quickly. Simply drop the Mantis clip into the slide attachment, push forward to engage the Mantis® tab into the groove and pull the trigger.

The Mantis Eliminator Screw Gun requires an air compressor, Mantis Clips, and collated Mantis Square NailScrews (sold separately). Mantis recommends maintaining an air pressure level of 80 to 100 PSI.


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Compatible FastenersSquare Drive NailScrews By Mantis
Recommended Air Pressure80-100 PSI
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