Revival Rail Aluminum Railing

Revival Railing

Premium Quality.
Affordable Price.
You Can Have It All.

Revival Railing™ Restore. Renew. Rediscover.™ We wanted everyone to enjoy the sleek style and low-maintenance appeal of metal deck railing - even on a tight budget. So we launched our own no-frills aluminum railing system - the most affordable premium-quality aluminum deck railing on the market. Revive your deck. Without breaking the budget.

Key Features

  • The most affordable price on high-quality metal railing
  • Premium, weather-resistant powder coating
  • Ultra-easy installation, even for DIYers
  • Low-maintenance: never needs painting, staining, or sanding
  • A perfect low-cost replacement for worn wood railing
  • Easy shopping & planning with straightforward post and rail kits
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Build Your Revival Railing

Step 1

Revival Rail Post Kit

Select your posts (including post cap and post skirt) Post Kit
Lifestyle shot of Post kit

Step 2

Revival Rail Level Rail Kit

Select rail kits (including rails, balusters & hardware) Railing Kit
Lifestyle shot of Railing kits

Step 3

Revival Stair Rail Kit

If you have stairs, select angled stair rail kits (including rails, balusters, brackets & hardware) Railing Kit
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Additional Products for Your Revival Railing

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8-foot Revival Railing kits make it easy to cover large decks without too many posts breaking up your view
from $156.99
Revival Rail adds a clean and finished look to your deck stairs
from $163.99
Revival Rail posts are beautifully-designed with subtle craftsman detailing
from $123.99
Each bracket kit comes with four brackets: two designed to fit the Revival bottom rail (pictured on the left) and two designed to fit the Revival top rail (pictured on the right)
from $44.99
Touch-up Paint for Revival Railing and Revival Plus Railing
from $29.99