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Protecting your floor joists is very important for the longevity of your deck frame, but having an underneath patio that remains dry all year long is very important for you as a homeowner. Keep your under deck area dry with deck drainage from DecksDirect.com. Decks Direct offers the Trex RainEscape drainage system and Zip-Up UnderDeck drainage system.

Both systems are similar in that they help to move water away from your home, joists and underdeck and into some sort of gutter system. The difference is that in order to use Trex RainEscape you have to install it prior to installing your deck boards. Trex requires you to place troughs that lay between your joists. However, with the Zip-Up deck drainage system you can install it to your existing deck. Think of Zip-Up as more of a ceiling drainage system for your underdeck. Both systems are available here at DecksDirect.com

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DecksDirect.com is dedicated to the builder in all of us. That's why we built this resource section just for you, with resources that will empower you with the information and confidence you need to succeed in your deck project. From estimating tools to how-to guides, we've got you covered.

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