Star B Height Extension for Star T Adjustable Supports by MRP

DecksDirect #6616

Raise your elevated deck or patio surface as much or as little as you need with the Star B Height Extension Piece by MRP Supports. These slim extensions deliver a 3/16th inch of additional height and are meant to be used on top of the Star T Adjustable Supports by MRP (sold separately).

For construction projects where SE Eterno Adjustable Deck Supports are used to create a new, level foundation; use the Star B Height Extensions and Star T Supports to create the outdoor space you need.

Use up to (3) of the 3/16th inch Star B Height Extensions per Star T unit.

The Star B Height Extensions for MRP Supports are crafted from 100% recycled plastic and are sold individually.

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DecksDirect # 6616
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Height3/16 in
(diameter x height)
6 in x 3/16 in
Material TypeRecycled Plastic
Package Content(1) Height extensions pedestal
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