Penofin FAQs

What makes Penofin different?

Penofin uses the highest quality and safest raw materials that penetrate deep into the wood, allowing the wood to breathe. It does not sit on the surface of the wood, so you will never see cracking, bubbling or peeling.

All Penofin Stains are made with Brazilian Rosewood Oil that is harvested from the seeds of the Brazilian Rosewood tree; the seeds drop off naturally, so no trees are ever cut down to produce Penofin products. Rosewood Oil is what gives Penofin its water and mildew resistant properties.

Penofin is easy to apply and maintain. When maintaining Penofin products, you do not need to power wash your deck, strip or sand off the previous application of the product. Simply clean the wood, let it dry and apply Penofin as needed.

Can I apply Penofin over other stain?

No. It is recommended to apply Penofin to a clean, dry surface. This allows Penofin to penetrate deep into the wood’s surface. Penofin Pro-Tech Stripper - Step #1 should be used to remove a different brand of oil-based stain. Penofin can be applied over existing Penofin.

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Penofin over other stain

My deck has never been finished and has turned gray. What should I do?

Penofin Pro-Tech Brightener – Step #3 works great on gray wood. It is formulated to remove tannins that are naturally found in wood, and graying that occurs when the tannins are exposed to the sun. Make sure to allow 24 hours for the wood to dry before applying Penofin stain.

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What is VOC and how does it affect me?

VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compound, a drying agent used in Penofin. It is what gives stain its strong smell and it emits gases into the environment. State and local EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) regulate VOC product sales. The following California Counties have a zero VOC regulation: LA, Riverside, San Bernardino, and Orange County, and we cannot ship Penofin to these locations. For a zero VOC product, please view Penofin Verde Interior/Exterior Formula. If you have questions about VOCs, please call at 1-888-824-5316.

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What should I do before I apply Penofin?

Penofin makes a full line of products to help you prep your surface for Penofin stains. The Penofin Pro-Tech Complete Wood Care line includes a stripper (to remove a product other than Penofin), a cleaner that works great on all types of wood, and a brightener that removes gray from old wood and reduces mill glaze and tannins from new wood. Penofin also offers First Step Prep for Hardwoods which cleans, brightens and opens the wood’s fibers to allow for maximum penetration into dense hardwoods.

How much Penofin do I need?

Although coverage varies based on material, any Penofin products will cover 250-350 square feet per gallon on softwoods and up to 500 square feet per gallon on hardwoods. Refer to specific Penofin product pages for more details.

How hot or cold can it be when applying Penofin?

A general rule of thumb is not to apply Penofin at temperatures under 45° or above 80°. If the wood is hot to the touch, it is too hot to apply Penofin. If your nose is cold, it is too cold to apply Penofin. If the product is applied when it is too hot, it will dry on the surface, eventually turning black and chipping and peeling off of the wood. If it is applied when it is too cold, the product will not penetrate into the wood and will not last as long as estimated.

Do I have to soak the oily rags in water?

Yes. If you do not, this may cause the rags to spontaneously combust. Spontaneous combustion is when a substance unexpectedly bursts into flames. Spontaneous combustion is a serious fire hazard and can occur in piles of oily rags if they are not soaked in water according to instructions.

How long does Penofin take to dry?

Penofin dries to the touch in 4 hours and can be walked on in 12 hours.

Can I store opened but unused Penofin?

No. Once the factory seal has been broken and air is allowed into the container, the solvents will weaken, causing the oils and resins to gel. Unopened cans of Penofin can be stored indefinitely.

What if it rained when I was applying Penofin (or shortly afterward)?

Ideally, you should apply Penofin 24 hours after a rain and there should not be rain expected for 24 hours after application. If you applied Penofin and it rained shortly afterward, small water spots might remain on the wood’s surface. You can remedy this by washing the areas with Penofin Pro-Tech Cleaner – Step #2 (this can be done while the wood is wet), allowing the surface dry, and then applying Penofin to any areas that look blotchy.

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Do I need to wipe the wood after application?

Do I need to wipe the wood after application? Yes! Penofin is a penetrating oil finish and all excess Penofin must be wiped off the wood surface with a nap-free cloth 20-30 minutes after application. If Penofin is allowed to dry on the surface, it will turn sticky and tacky, and eventually turn black and peel off the surface.

My deck is sticky/tacky/shiny/dark - what should I do?

If you forgot to wipe excess Penofin off the surface, clean the surface with Penofin Pro-Tech Cleaner – Step #2, and allow the wood to dry before applying a light coat of Penofin, remembering to wipe the surface this time.

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How long will Penofin last?

On average, you can expect Penofin to perform for 9-24 months on horizontal surfaces and 2-5 years on vertical surfaces. Please note that the time may vary depending on the weather conditions and sunlight to which the wood is exposed.

Does Penofin have a warranty?

Yes, Performance Coatings Inc. offers a limited warranty for all Penofin products; Penofin exterior finishes are warranted to perform when applied to wood surfaces according to label instructions. If Penofin is shown to be defective, Performance Coatings Inc. will replace the product. Warranty is void if wood was previously finished or pretreated. Performance Coatings Inc.'s liability under any warranty whether expressed or implied is limited solely to replacement of product and does not include labor or other consequential damages.

I live in Alaska or Hawaii, can you ship Penofin to me?

No, currently we do not ship Penofin to Alaska or Hawaii.

I need Penofin fast, can you overnight it to me?

No, unfortunately we can only ship Penofin using ground shipping. Time in transit varies based on your location, estimated delivery times are as follows:

How do you package Penofin?

We know that having your product arrive to you on time and in one piece is important. This is why we go above and beyond when it comes to Penofin. We use protective rings on all gallons of Penofin to prevent the can from opening in shipping. We also ship gallons of Penofin in specially-designed boxes that provide extra padding and are labeled to ensure the handler knows what's inside. We stock virtually all Penofin products which means we can ship fast. We do all this at no additional charge to you!