Winter Deck

The days are shorter, the trees are bare, BBQ weather is a distant memory, and it's time to get ready for winter hibernation adventures. It may not need new snow boots or a cozy parka, but there are a few steps that will make winter more pleasant for your deck. Taking a bit of time to prepare prior to Mother Nature's onslaught will be well worth the effort. Read on for some simple ways to get your deck ready for whatever the winter has in store.


•  First, bring in the furniture and grill, and don't forget any flower pots or planters.
•  Make sure to remove any debris from the deck surface, and give it a thorough scrub using Penofin Pro-Tech Cleaner
   and a stiff bristle brush.
•  If the deck was previously treated with Penofin stain, check the dry deck for areas that may have experienced wear
   and tear. If needed, apply a light coat of Penofin to those areas, being sure to wipe the wood after 15-30 minutes.


•  Check for and repair any loose boards, rails or balusters. In snowy climates, make sure there are no fasteners
   protruding from your deck surface that can stop a snow shovel in its tracks.
•  With slick conditions around the corner, it might be a good investment to outfit your stairs or ramps with
   Flex-Tred Self-Adhesive Anti-Slip Safety Tape. Available in convenient rolls and strips, it is rated to perform at -40°.


•  The longer nights don't need to be dark and dreary! Use an automatic timer to effortlessly keep your low-voltage
   lighting shining bright when you need it. The heavy-duty Outdoor Digital Astronomic Timer can weather all conditions
   and automatically calculates dawn and dusk in your area for every day of the year.
•  Got snowy fixtures? The heat emitted by incandescent lights will melt snow, but LED lights can build up quite a bit of
   snow because they don't produce heat. Keep LED fixtures brushed off to enjoy their beauty all winter long.


•  Rainy climate? Try not to let water pool on the deck. Sweep or blow off the surface as necessary.
•  Snowy climate? Be sure to use a plastic shovel, and always clear snow in the same direction as the boards rather
    than across them.
•  Ice accumulation? Use an ice melting product that is safe for pets—traditional rock salt is too damaging for the deck
   you've worked to protect!