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Top 3 Composite Deck Brands of 2019

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Owning and enjoying a deck is a thing of beauty. Way more than just another spot in the house, a great deck can be anything you and your family want it to be. An entertainment destination to watch movies or the big game out under the stars. The chicest and sleekest outdoor kitchen for serving Instagram-worthy meals. A warm, cozy nook just for you to curl up with a glass of wine. Or even your own private garden sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of the 9-to-5 life.

The outdoor space you've always imagined, can be built, and it can be yours. Whether you want a rustic and charming little area or a sleek, future-forward location; DecksDirect has the knowledge, experience, and premium deck products to help you create it. The most important factors regarding your deck are: building it safely (May is Deck Safety Month after all...), getting the look you want, and ensuring it lasts as long as possible.

Hottest Decking Brands of Summer 2019


Deckorators Decking

Offering both composite and wood plastic composite decking options in a wide variety of tones and finishes, Deckorators Deck Boards create a true-to-life wood appearance perfect for completing your home. Featuring patented Eovations™ technology, the Deckorators lines of Voyage and Vault composite decking provide the industry's highest strength-to-weight ratio, creating a board that's nearly 35% lighter than traditional composite brands. While the gorgeous wood-plastic composite lines of Heritage and Vista deliver magnificent multi-tonal looks with a durable polymer capstock and pronounced woodgrain texture.

Whether your outdoor space calls for the distressed embossing of Heritage Decking, the smoother multi-color blend of Voyage and Vault collections, or the tropical variegation appeal of the Vista decking; Deckorators composite decking has options on top of options to work for you.

Deckorators Decking is backed by an industry-leading 25 year warranty protecting against structural, stain, and fade damage. They'll also remove and replace damaged material within that warranty. From decking to railing, Deckorators has you covered for true peace of mind.

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DuraLife Decking

To create a stunning outdoor space that can weather any weather, DuraLife Decking is triple-tested to ensure exceptional durability and performance. Creating a unique mix of pure polypropylene and hardwood materials, DuraLife deck boards offer unmatched strength and resistance in alluring color palettes and designs. Minimizing the sagging between joists that occurs over time, a strong outer shell with UV inhibitors supplying stain and fade resistance, and being virtually immune to rot and water damage; DuraLife composite decking is an industry all-star. Choose from the warm, natural timber appearance of the Hardwoods collection or the solid, soothing earth tones of the Landscapes collection to set the atmosphere for your backyard space.

Three board profiles are available to meet the level of performance, value, and fuction you want. The premium pre-grooved Siesta design for durability and quick installation, the scalloped bottom form of theMVP Grooved Edge design ideal for high-value customers, or the Starter Board profile with one complete side perfect for giving your deck a finished look.

With a 25 year warranty, DuraLife composite decking guarantees that you'll love your products. But the most exciting innovation DuraLife offers is the Step-Clip Hidden Fastening System, the easiest and fastest method of installing deck boards that also creates a perfect, unblemished surface. Finish your deck in half the time so you can start relaxing today with DuraLife.

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Trex Decking

As the leading compsite decking brand in the world, generally when you think about decks, you think of Trex. Promising to provide the look, feel, and splendor of natural wood without all the upkeep; Trex decking won't rot, warp, fade, or stain. Made from 95% recycled materials, Trex decking adds the excellent appeal of exotic woods without annual staining or painting to keep your carbon and chemical footprint low while gaining an impressive outdoor living space. The affordable Trex Enhance line has an organic-looking streakage and a lightweight scalloped bottom. For richer, fuller colors in solid board tints, the Trex Select collection creates complete atmospheres. For absolute top-of-the-line colors, however, Trex Transcend deck boards have the ability to transform your yard into a tropical paradise.

All of the Trex decking types are available in both a clean, full square edge design, or in a convenient grooved edge option perfect for simple installation with the Trex Hideaway Hidden Fastener System. The Enhance collection is created in a scalloped bottom profile for heightened value, while the Select and Transcend collections boast a solid, complete bottom profile for increased structural integrity.

With a 25 year warranty, Trex firmly stands behind the promise that your Trex composite decking will deliver. One of the greatest qualities of installing Trex decking, however, is that a brand of this size allows you to perfectly blend the colors and styles of your Trex Railing and Trex Lighting to craft a complete, uniform outdoor living room for your family.

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