TimberTech is one of the leading manufacturers of composite decking material in the world, and DecksDirect is happy to offer it to you! TimberTech's popular railing systems have been the go to for TimberTech but they have grown their line of products to include Fasteners and LED DeckLites. As far as TimberTech's line of railing systems, they offer the Evolutions Rail and the RadianceRail. Now, within the Evolutions Rail line of railing we have the Evolutions - Builder Style and the Evolutions - Contemporary Style.

The Builder Style railing system offers both TimberTech's high quality materials at a high value/budget friendly price. The Builder Style has an individualized look when you finish it off with your choice of drink rail, and is a very straight forward order with one choice for infill (black round aluminum balusters) and no post caps or complicated accessories. The Evolutions Contemporary Style railing is very similar to the Builder Style. The Contemporary Style railing system offers square or round infill options, and unlike the Builder Style where you only have the option of aluminum balusters, the Contemporary rail gives you the option to use composite balusters as well. Both the Builder Style and Contemporary Style railings come in classic black, brick, or traditional walnut finishes and have a CableRail infill option available!

The RadianceRail line of railing systems also has two options with the RadianceRail and the RadianceRail Express. The RadianceRail offers six beautiful finishes: White, Black, Kona, Mountain Cedar, Brownstone and Slate Gray. It is a composite railing line that has no visible hardware, square balusters, and is highly customizable with the 6 different available finishes. The RadianceRail Express is a high-quality capped wood composite that is available in 3 finishes: Black, White and Kona. RadianceRail Express offers square composite balusters that simply slide into place within the pre-routed top and bottom rails. All in all the RadianceRail Express line of railing is very similar to the RadianceRail but with less color options and a lower price point! The RadianceRail line of railing also offers a CableRail infill option!

As we mentioned above TimberTech has grown it's railing line to include fasteners as well! You have the choice of the FusionLoc collated fastening system with a true one step installation process (with use of pneumatic gun - Sold Separately), the CONCEALoc hidden fastening system that was designed specifically for TimberTech's line of grooved boards, The CONCEALoc L Bracket to use on your first and last plank & butt seam joists to achieve a fastener-free finish, or the Cortex Concealed plug system with color matching plugs for TimberTech's line of railing.

TimberTech also offers lighting with their line of DeckLites. TimberTech's line of DeckLites gives you the ability to fully customize your TimberTech railing system and highlight the elegance and beauty of your composite railing. DeckLites offers Post Cap Light Modules that you can add to illuminate an unlit post cap. They have Accent Lights that you can place on your posts for a down spot light on your posts, as well as Stair Riser Lights and Recessed Lighting that will illuminate your stairs and walking paths. TimberTech even offers an Under Rail Light for added safety to stairs or to install under a rail or a bench to highlight architectural elements.

With the new line of fasteners and DeckLites, TimberTech is a great option for a sleek, unobtrusive, highly customizable railing system. Get your TimberTech items today on DecksDirect!

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