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Spring Cleaning for Your Deck!

Apr 17, 2013 | Posted in How-to Tips By Angelene

When it Comes to Spring Cleaning, Don’t Forget About Your Deck!

After a long winter, your deck needs some love too. So now that spring is finally here, hit the deck with some of the following ideas….

Penofin Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning Tips

    • Check structural issues such as loose nails or fasteners as well as the connection to the house.
    • Trim excess vegetation from around the deck.
    • Clean debris and dirt from composite, wood, or aluminum deck boards and railing.
    • We don't recommend power-washing, as it tends to strip the wood or composite surface. Instead use a product like Penofin Pro-Tech Cleaner with a brush.
    • Brighten-up wood that has grayed form the sun using

Penofin Pro-Tech Brightener

  • Restain or finish your deck boards.


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Prepare Your Deck for Winter

Nov 05, 2012 | Posted in How-to Tips By Lindsay

Winter Deck

The days are shorter, the trees are bare, BBQ weather is a distant memory, and it's time to get ready for winter hibernation adventures. It may not need new snow boots or a cozy parka, but there are a few steps that will make winter more pleasant for your deck. Taking a bit of time to prepare prior to Mother Nature's onslaught will be well worth the effort. Read on for some simple ways to get your deck ready for whatever the winter has in store.

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Deck Maintenance 101

Oct 04, 2011 | Posted in How-to Tips By Angelene

We all love a lazy afternoon on the deck! A cool drink on a hot Summer Day, a BBQ with friends. In the temperate months we live a good portion of our lives in these beautiful outdoor living rooms. But as always, the leaves start to fall and the temperatures begin to cool.

Don’t run inside and build a fire just yet! You need to put your deck to bed while the weather is still nice! Here are a few tips to keep your deck looking great all year long...

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