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Aurora Pyxis Louvered LED Step Light

The Aurora Pyxis lights feature the same dependable designs you're use to, with an upgraded integrated LED system. The Aurora Pyxis is a recessed LED stair light that increases safety and visibility on deck stairs. It now features an integrated, warm white LED, and is available in either a louvered or single panel glass design.

Aurora Pyxsis

LED Pyxis Lights

  • Why We Love It - Aurora took a great product and made it even better.
  • Why It's Unique - Most low-voltage LEDs run off of DC power, the Pyxis can run on an AC transformer.
  • Why You'll Love It - The Pyxis light casts a warm white glow offering safety and visibility to deck stairs.


Aurora Pyxis Single Glass Panel Step Light 


Aurora Pyxis Louvered Step Light 


New Aurora Compact AC Transformer

Sep 10, 2013 | Posted in Product Spotlights By Angelene

AC Transformer by Aurora Deck Lighting

This small but mighty AC transformer is perfect for powering Aurora's wide variety of AC LED lights. Choose from 24 nor 36 watt, both sizes are waterproof, compact and easy to install. 

AC Transformer by Aurora Deck Lighting

AC Transformer by Aurora

  • Why We Love It - This transformer comes in 24 or 36 watts, which means it won't put extra stress on AC LED projects where you have a small total wattage. 
  • Why It's Unique - This transformer is a small AC transformer specifically designed for LEDs meant to be run on AC power.
  • Why You'll Love It - This transformer is tiny compared to other AC transformers on the market, making it easy to install almost anywhere.


AC Transformer by Aurora 


Lighting Accessory Kits

Mar 15, 2013 | Posted in Product Spotlights By Angelene

Lighting Accessory Kits Now Available at DecksDirect!

These handy kits come with a transformer, wire and wire nuts – everything you need to get your low-voltage lights up-and-running while saving you money. Since kits are available for both AC and DC lighting types there is an option for either incandescent or LED lights.

DecksDirect Lighting Kit

Lighting Accessory Kits

  • Why We Love It - It's easy to add your lighting accessories to your cart at once.
  • Why It's Unique - Kits contains high quality transformer at an excellent price.
  • Why You'll Love It - DecksDirect Lighting Kits can save you up to $70.


Shop 60 Watt Lighting Accessory Kits 


Shop 120 Watt Lighting Accessory Kits 


Shop 300 Watt Lighting Accessory Kits 


Aururo Deck Lighting

Step into a gorgeous realm of possibilities by exploring the world of Aurora Deck Lighting. Aurora manufactures postcaps and deck lighting specifically designed for deck living spaces. Available in 14 designer colors and crafted to fit a range of post sizes, Aurora products are made of powder coated, rust-free aluminum, and available in low voltage, line voltage and solar options.

Odyssey LED Strip Light by Aurora Deck Lighting

Lighting from Aurora

Take a look at the Titan Post Cap Deck Light with its sleek, low rise and rugged cast aluminum construction. Ribbed glass in the designer windows create subtle cascades of light, but you can also purchase crystallized glass as an alternative. Mix it up by adding in matching Titan Post Caps. (Titan, Sirius and Zenith Deck Lights have matching unlit post caps, just ask DecksDirect for assistance.)

Looking for that perfect accent light on deck stairways or deck posts? Look to Aurora. Their Phoenix Recessed LED Lights come packaged with a transformer, wire, wire connectors, remote driver and control, and 10 energy efficient lights. They add functional safety to stairways and a soft aura to your entire deck environment.

Ready for some more unique offerings from Aurora? Aurora makes matching-color base adapters that can be used with their post caps or lighting to fit deck posts in unique sizes. Installation is quick and easy with just four screws and a few minutes per base.

Shop Aurora Deck Lighting 

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