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Fortress FE26 Gate Uprights

Jul 26, 2013 | Posted in Product Spotlights By Angelene

Fortress FE26 Gate Uprights

When paired with a Fortress FE26 Iron Panel, these Gate Uprights create a completely custom gate up to 48" wide. Each Gate Upright set includes 2 uprights, 2 pressed dome caps and the self-tapping screws needed to attach the panel securely to the uprights. Gate Uprights are available to match Fortress FE26 Iron Panel in Gloss Black, Black Sand and Antique Bronze. (Note: The FE26 Panel and Gate hardware are sold separately.)

Fortress FE26 Iron Gate Uprights

Fe26 Gate Uprights

  • Why We Love It: We love Fortress Iron Railing, the Gate Uprights add to an already amazing line of products.
  • Why It's Unique: You can create a gate any width up to 48" wide. 
  • Why You'll Love It: The Gate Uprights make creating a custome gate a simple DIY project.


Fortress FE26 Gate Uprights 


Fortress FE26 Fascia Posts and Brackets

Jul 05, 2013 | Posted in Product Spotlights By Angelene

Fortress FE26 Facia Mount Post

Fortress Fascia Mount Post And Bracket

You asked for it and Fortress answered. The Fortess FE26 Fascia Mount Posts and Brackets allow you to install Fortress Railing to the outside of your deck. The 2" post is available in both 49" and 55" in 3 premium Fortress colors; Gloss Black, Black Sand and Antique Bronze. Brackets are configured for either straight, inside corner or outside corner.

    • Why We Love It: They match the Fortress Railing perfectly, allowing for even more railing configurations.
    • Why It's Unique: These posts and brackets are made from powder-coated steel. Their durability and finish isunparalleled to similar products on the market today.
    • Why You'll Love It: You want to use every square foot of deck space, fascia-mounted posts allow you to do so.


More on FE26 Railing 


Not sure how many balusters to order for your deck?


Don't sweat it -- the new railing Baluster Calculator at DecksDirect figures it out for you.


It's easy to use, just enter the details for your project: total length of railing, post size and baluster type. Using your data, the calculator will figure the total number of balusters needed, based on typical building code requirements of less than 4" of space between balusters. (But please note, you should still confirm all applicable code requirements with your local building department before starting any deck project.)

The calculator is pre-loaded with product specs for standard round and square balusters, glass balusters, and other popular styles and sizes from manufacturers like Dekor, Deckorators, Fortress Iron, and more. So you won't get a generic result, but one tailored to the manufacturer and style of baluster you selected.

Use the Baluster Calculator Now 


Still have questions about selecting, ordering or installing your new balusters? Just call us at 1-888-824-5316, 7a.m. to 5:30p.m. Monday through Friday, CST. We're here to help!


Fortress Iron Products

What are you in the mood for? The classic, strong look of wrought-iron design or a clear, open view to the outside world? Fortress Iron Railing & Fence Systems gives you either one, with the colors, accessories and mounting options to create a truly custom look.

Fortress Iron Basket Balusters


Fortress designs, manufactures and distributes maintenance-free ornamental iron products specifically for outdoor fences and railings. Their customizable products replicate the quality and beauty of traditional wrought iron design, with powder-coated, 100% galvanized steel.

Fortress has a variety of styles to choose from in seven unique colors. There's the "Plain" round baluster  with its classic appeal, Iron Square Basket Pickets for charming variation, as well as clever-looking Square Twist Pickets and the Vienna Baluster series in Belly or Bow designs. 

In addition to the wrought iron look, another popular and stunning option from Fortress is Pure View Glass Balusters in clear, bronze and smoke tints. Durable, tempered glass makes Pure View Glass Balusters the perfect way to open up your deck to a beautiful surrounding view. Fortress gives you four different installation options for four different finishes: screws, mounting clips, mounting shoes, or pre-slotted top and bottom rails.

Shop Fortress Products 

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