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Product Spotlight: G-Tape Products

Feb 06, 2019 | Posted in Product Spotlights By Jamie B.

G-Tape makes flashing and protecting your joists from rot and water damage simple.

G-Tape: Amazing Engineering for a Lasting Deck

Whether building a brand new deck, or finishing up an indoor decoration project, the amazing products from G-Tape can help you achieve the lasting quality you're looking for. This high quality tape features a patented combination of solvent acrylic adhesive with an advanced backing for an unmatchable performance.

What makes G-Tape so special? All G-Tape products are lightweight and completely hand-tearable. No more fumbling with utility knives or scissors in the middle of your project, simply rip with your forefingers and thumbs to get the piece of tape you need. Even better? G-Tape doesn’t stick to itself and easily releases contact with no adhesion loss, improving speed and productivity while also keeping costs low.

Which G-Tape Type Should I Use?

When choosing which G-Tape type your project calls for, you have to ask yourself: "What do I want this tape do do?" Are you looking for a tape that can be removed easily months down the road without leaving any residue behind? Are you looking for a tape that can provide a permanent bond and seal that will last decades? If you have a project, G-Tape has a style of tape that can help you finish it.

Acrylic Adhesive Flashing Tape: Tearable yet incredibly strong, Acrylic Adhesive Flashing Tape is an instant favorite for builders. No scissors or blade needed to cut off a clean strip, this flashing tape is repositionable initially, however, after 24 hours it forms a permanent and waterproof bond. This chemical and solvant resistant tape doesn't lose any tensile strength over time and maintains its connection in temperatures from -20 to 200 degrees Farenheit.

Shop Acrylic Adhesive Flashing Tape




Multi-Purpose Tape: This extremely versatile green tape is unbelievably popular with installers and builders in many trades due to its high tensile strength and the ability to be removed with no residue left behind. Hardwood flooring, glass, and tile installers all love to get the hold they can trust while waiting for their adhesive to fully set. Simply pull away for a clean look, hassle-free.

Shop Multi-Purpose Tape




Both the Acrylic Adhesive Flashing Tape and the Multi-Purpose Green Tape is in stock and ready to ship from our DecksDirect warehouse. At any point in your project, even if you have just a few simple questions, feel free to give our experts a call at 1-888-824-5316 or send us an email at

Video provided by G-Tape Instagram


Gift Guide 2018

Nov 15, 2018 | Posted in Messages and News By Jamie B.

There's snow-place like home and no better time than the holidays. Families and friends are together, mouth-watering food is everywhere, and we remember what matters to us the most. This season, get your favorite people gifts they can enjoy for years to come; the coolest new deck products and accessories ever. Buy for your practical father-in-law and daydreaming best friend all in one spot with DecksDirect, because who doesn't love a gorgeous deck? These incredible items are easy to install and even easier to love. So whether you're snowed in, or a snow-bird, this holiday season is the best time to remember our two favorite things: our loved ones, and decks.

The Best Deck Gifts of 2018


Slide 255
Slide 256
Slide 257

Hold It Mate Mounting Rails and Accessories

One of the most innovative and simple to use products of 2018, Hold It Mate has found a way to add storage and shelving without any damage to your rails! These rails attach directly to the vertical balusters to add utility without taking up floor space or damaging your railing. The perfect present for the budding gardener, master griller, or pet lovers in the family.

Shop Hold It Mate Rails




Slide 258
Slide 259

Deckorators Deck Rail Table

A wonderful gift option for anyone wanting to add a stable flat-surface to their deck without the hassle of drilling and cutting, the Deckorators Deck Rail Table. Great to use as an outdoor worktable, or simply as a way to enjoy brunch outside with friends, this table can support up to 50 lbs for a secure space. Don't want the table up every day? Simply loosen the bolt to uninstall, and store until the next time it's needed.

Shop Deckorators Deck Rail Table




Slide 260
Slide 261
Slide 262
Slide 263

OZCO Post Band and Accessories

Who doesn't love a product that is both functional and stylish? OZCO's Post Band and Accessories are ideal tools to make the most out of your outdoor space. The band supports and protects posts from warping and splitting over time; while the accessories help you to enjoy a glass of wine, a cold beer, or lounge in your own personal hammock. A superb choice for those friends who just need to relax more.

Shop OZCO Post Bands



Slide 264
Slide 265

Solar Post Caps

Add brightness and illumination to any deck without the hassle of electricity and hiding wires with Solar Post Cap lights! A brilliant way to help keep guests free from trips and falls throughout the night, while making your outdoor space look as magical as can be. A lovely gift choice for anyone who could use just a little more light.

Shop Solar Post Cap Lights



Slide 266
Slide 267

Barn Wood Accent Wall in a Box

Add an impressive touch of decoration to any wall, inside or out, using the Barn Wood Accent Wall in a Box kit! The simple way to add a modern yet rustic look to your deck, den, or kitchen. Perfect for those friends and family members who love interior design and DIY projects; help them reel in the compliments with easy-to-use kit.

Shop Barn Wood Accent Wall



Slide 268
Slide 269

Secondary Handrail

Safety is always our first priority, and the best way to prevent an accident is to add sturdy secondary handrails to your staircase railings. These secondary handrails provide an extra graspable surface to help prevent slips and falls. Perfect for homes with grandparents and grandchildren alike; help keep everyone skinned-knee free with a secondary handrail.

Shop Secondary Handrails



Slide 270
Slide 271
Slide 272

Baluster Accessories

For those who love style and setting their home apart from the rest on the block, baluster accessories are a unique touch they're sure to love. With the ability to install as many or as few as you like, the patterns and design options are endless. Perfect for friends who like to make home a place all their own.

Shop Baluster Accessories


Got a question? Give us a call at 1-888-824-5316, or send an email to, our Deck Experts would love to help you out.


Hold It Mate

Nov 06, 2018 | Posted in Product Spotlights By Jamie B.

Hold It Mate Mounting Rails

Start Deck-orating with Hold It Mate Rails

One of the major perks of working at DecksDirect is checking out the latest deck developments. Every year new products are introduced, and once in a while, a product comes out and completely blows us out of the water! One of the coolest new innovations this year is also remarkably simple, the Hold It Mate Rail system. Add planter boxes and flower baskets to your deck without covering the handrail or taking up precious floor space with the Hold It Mate Rail System.

Shop Hold It Mate


The system contains everything needed for installation and can be mounted in seconds. The Hold It Mate system connects directly to your vertical balusters, allowing you to design a space that fits your deck atmosphere while making the most of your unused space. Simply position the rail at the height you desire on your balusters, make sure the rails on the back are horizontal against the spindles, and then tighten the through bolt with the included Allen Wrench. Once mounted, snap on the accessories of your choice to put your open space to good use! Accessories can be attached on both sides of the rail to maximize your options.

What’s even cooler? After installing the pieces, hang or set your planters or flower boxes to make the rail virtually vanish behind your gorgeous blooms and plants.

Key Features

  • Easy 2-part system, no extra tools required
  • 6", 20", and 36" rail lengths available
  • Absolutely no damage done to existing railing
  • Durable steel with powder coated black finish
  • Completely customizable, mix and match the attachments you want


Attachment Styles:


Bracket Accessories

Brackets by Hold It Mate

A superb way to get the most out of your deck, Brackets By Hold It Mate allow you to showcase your blossoming planter boxes, craft a gorgeous drink table, or set up sturdy shelving that won't take up precious floor space or blow over in the wind.

Shop Bracket Attachments




Ring Accessories

Ring Accessories by Hold It Mate

Easily attach Rings by Hold It Mate to adorn your railing with floating flower baskets, a simple herb garden, or even as a water bowl holder for your four-legged friends. Add as many or few as you like to highlight your favorite areas or gain a bit more privacy in your outdoor space.

Shop Ring Attachments




Extension Hook Accessory

Extension Hook by Hold It Mate

For a brilliant way to spruce up your deck both inside and out, Extension Hooks by Hold It Mate give finishing details no matter the look. Angling up and away 15" from your deck, Extension Hooks are a great opportunity to add hanging flower baskets, bird feeders, or seasonal decor.

Shop Extension Hook Attachments





Tool Hook Accessory

Tool Hook by Hold It Mate

Keep your deck tidy and your tools together in one spot. The Tool Hook Accessory hangs your items in one secure spot to make clutter a thing of the past. Gardening tools, grilling utensils, or even late night flashlights; no more wondering where your things are with Hold It Mate.

Shop Tool Hook Attachments






Happy Halloween

Oct 31, 2017 | Posted in Messages and News By Jaclyn

Have a Happy Halloween!

DecksDirect wants to wish everyone a safe and happy Halloween night! 

As you are celebrating the spooky night, we would love to see how you decorated your deck for Halloween! Share your costume and decoration pictures with us by emailing or by using the hashtag #decksdirect and tagging us on Instagram!


Holiday Gift Guide

Nov 17, 2016 | Posted in Product Spotlights By Rachelle Gordon

Holiday deck gift guide

The holiday season is here and it’s time to start making a list and checking it twice. DecksDirect has tons of amazing products that any DIY’er would love to have. From post cap stocking stuffers to a whole new railing system, we have something for everyone. Check out our gift guide below to find that perfect something for your special someone!

Gifts Under $50


camo marksman pro tool

Camo Marksman Pro - Price $37.89

The popular Camo Hidden Deck Fastening System creates a beautiful, fastener-free deck surface using any treated wood, hardwood, cedar, composite or PVC deck board. The Camo Marksman Pro tool is used to guide the Camo screws into the side of the deck board into the joist. No pre-drilling is necessary and the Camo Marksman Pro provides automatic 3/16" spacing between deck boards. Please note that Camo Marksman tools are designed for use with Camo Hidden Fasteners only.

Shop Camo Marksman Pro



amhurst post caps

Amherst Inset Demi-Top Post Cap by Acorn Deck Products - Starting at $12.99

Acorn Post Caps offer timeless beauty, and are handcrafted in the USA out of solid wood blocks. Fun fact - Acorn employs Santa’s elves in the off season to build these caps! The Amherst Inset Demi-Top Post Cap has a simple scallop base that slides over the deck post - make sure to measure posts carefully to ensure a snug fit. These caps are available in cedar or pressure-treated pine, and need to be treated with wood oil prior to installation. Give the gift of quality American craftsmanship with post caps from Acorn.

Shop Amherst Post Cap



penofin cedar oil

DecksDirect Cedar Oil by Penofin - Price $49.60

Penofin Cedar Oil is specially designed to increase the natural beauty of cedar decking while also protecting it from UV rays, and is available exclusively through DecksDirect. This one-coat formula contains Brazilian Rosewood Oil that coats wood fibers to enhance the color and protect from the elements, including mold and mildew. With proper application, Penofin Cedar Oil will perform for 9-24 months on horizontal surfaces and 2-5 years on vertical surfaces. Whoever receives this gift will be enjoying the rich tones of their cedar decking all year long!

Shop Cedar Oil



ornamental accent

Ornamental Accent by OZCO Ornamental Wood Ties - Starting at $39.99

Gift the gift of pure beauty with an Ornamental Accent by OZCO. These galvanized steel accents can be used on any fence or gate and offer exquisite craftsmanship that cannot be matched. The powder-coated finish will protect against rust and corrosion. These accent pieces can be installed as a surface mount over wood or as a cut out, providing a view to the other side. Available in four unique designs, an Ornamental Accent by OZCO would be a welcome gift for any home owner or builder.

Shop OZCO Ornamental Wood Ties



Gifts Under $100


pheinox screws

Pheinox RSS Stainless Steel Screws By GRK Fasteners - Starting at $91.10

For no-nonsense types who appreciate well-designed essentials, the Pheinox RSS Stainless Steel Screws from GRK are the perfect choice. These lag-screw alternatives require no pre-drilling and are made of hardened 305-grade stainless steel, meaning they are perfect for both interior and exterior use. The Pheinox RSS screws feature a  built-in washer head that doesn't have sharp edges and a six-threaded CEE thread that reduces the likelihood of splitting because it enlarges the hole.

Shop Phoenix RSS Screws



ipe wood tiles

IPE Wood Tiles by Bison - Starting at $60.99 

IPE Wood Tiles by Bison are a great gift for those who wish to achieve the natural beauty of real wood without the hassle. These pre-assembled tiles can be used as roof pavers on deck pedestals, over concrete patio, or practically anywhere the look and feel of a deck is wanted. IPE, a Brazilian hardwood, is sourced sustainably, making it perfect for the eco-conscious friend or family member on your list. IPE can be treated with wood oil to preserve and enhance the original color of the tiles or it can be left untreated to develop a natural grey/silver finish.

Shop Bison IPE Tiles



westbury handrail

Aluminum Secondary Handrail by Westbury - Starting at $53.99

Offer the gift of safety and security with an aluminum handrail from Westbury. The company offers ADA-compliant continuous handrail components in the same durable and attractive finishes as their Tuscany rail kits. Secondary handrails can be customized to meet the needs of each individual with several different options for optimal performance.

Shop Westbury Secondary Handrail



penofin verde

0 VOC Verde Interior/Exterior Penetrating Oil by Penofin - Gallon Price $55.70

For a quality stain that is odor-free, Penofin Verde Interior/Exterior Formula is an excellent option. Available in 21 brilliant colors, this quality oil finish offers 99% UV ray protection and can be used both indoors and outdoors. The finish has 0 VOC, meaning it’s safe for families and pets indoors or out, Penofin Verde uses vegetable- and plant-based ingredients rather than petroleum by-products. Apply it on decking, rails, wood furniture and more for an amazing yet eco-friendly look.

Shop Penofin Verde



Gifts Under $200


slatestone post cover

SlateStone Post Cover by NextStone - Price $112.99

Enhance the look of any deck using SlateStone Post Covers. These durable post covers provide the look of realistic stone without the work. Made from composite polyurethane, SlateStone post covers from NextStone are easy to install and maintain. The covers use exterior construction adhesive - no stonework required! A great gift for anyone looking to increase the aesthetic value of their deck or fence, the SlateStone Post Cover comes in six attractive colors - pick your favorite today.

Shop NextStone SlateStone Post Covers



bettervue screen roll

Increased Visibility Screen by BetterVue - Starting at $174.99

Create an outdoor oasis without inviting in unwanted pests with the Increased Visibility Screen by BetterVue. This innovative product provides a premium alternative to fiberglass screen and is made from permanent glass yarn coated with vinyl. The screen can be used with ScreenEZE® framing components for easy installation. Give the nature lover in your life the chance to enjoy the great outdoors without bugs or rain getting in their way.

Shop BetterVue Screen



larkin estate post cap light

Larkin Estate Post Cap Deck Light by Kichler - Price $180.60

Post cap lights are a great way to add illumination and ambience to any deck or fence and the Larkin Estate post cap light is no exception. This exquisitely designed light features an attractive dark bronze color and umber-etched glass. The Larkin Estate fits a standard 4x4 post or use the included post adapter to allow for use with a 6x6 post as well. This impressive post cap light would make a great gift for any homeowner with discerning taste.

Shop Kichler Larkin Post Cap Light



evolve insert panel

Level Aluminum Insert Panel by Evolve Rail System - Starting at $173.99

The Evolve Rail System is the perfect marriage of strength, safety, and beauty and would make an excellent gift for anyone needing a railing upgrade. The Level Aluminum Insert Panels can be configured with ease, offering the polished look of metal balusters but without the hard work. The Evolve panels include a built-in ⅛” spacer for drainage, making maintenance a breeze. Choose from black, bronze, or white and create an attractive railing system that is sure to impress.

Shop Evolve Rail Panels



Gifts Over $200


tigerclaw pneumatic gun kit

TigerClaw Pneumatic Gun and Hidden Fasteners Kit - Price $953.96

TigerClaw hidden fasteners are some of the most sought-after deck screws in the business, and this special bundle package is sure to delight any builder or DIY fan. Included are two boxes of NailScrews, two gun pails, and a FREE installation gun! That is nearly $300 in savings! Eliminate unsightly screws from view with the TigerClaw hidden fastener system - you (and your loved ones) will be glad you did.

Shop TigerClaw Hidden Fastener Kit



zipup underdeck

Zip-Up Underdeck Drainage System - Price Varies by Deck Size

Utilize the space beneath an elevated deck with the Zip-Up UnderDeck system! Lightweight PVC components create a watertight seal, offering a new way to enjoy the outdoors. Zip-Up Underdeck can be installed with five simple steps, using common household tools. This drainage system is configurable to any size deck’ it’s vital to get clear measurements before ordering the different components. Create another space to enjoy nature with the Zip-Up UnderDeck Drainage System - it’s easy!

Shop Zip-Up Underdeck Drainage Systems



westbury verticable

VertiCable Level Rail Section by Westbury - Starting at $298.99

Do you want to enjoy your beautiful view without deck railing getting in the way? The innovative VertiCable railing system from Westbury is the answer. This railing system uses stainless steel cable infill with aluminum rails, offering an unobstructed view with little maintenance required. Installation is extremely easy, as VertiCable kits arrive 95% assembled. This durable and attractive system is available in three gorgeous colors and two heights, so it would make a great addition to virtually any property.

Shop Westbury VertiCable



dekor recessed step lighting

Dekor Millennium Recessed LED Lighting Kit - Price $219.99

Recessed step lights are an excellent way to increase safety and beauty and the Millennium model from Dekor is a great choice. These energy-efficient lights are easy to install and look amazing when illuminated. The lights are available in four gorgeous colors, meaning you’ll find the perfect fit for anyone. They'll produce 100,000 hours of light – which means 8 hours a day, all year long, for 34 years - it’s the gift that keeps on giving!

Shop Dekor Millennium LED Lights




Halloween is Almost Here

Oct 25, 2016 | Posted in Messages and News By Rachelle Gordon

Halloween Blog Post

Halloween is Almost Here!

All Hallow’s Eve, also known as Halloween, is right around the corner. Children and adults alike are busy picking out the perfect costumes, decorations, and of course - candy! This holiday has become one of the most popular in the United States, with families spending billions of dollars each year on masks, face paint, and even costumes for pets. Read on to learn more about this hair-raising holiday.
Halloween has existed in some form for hundreds of years, and is believed to be rooted in early Pagan beliefs. Most historians believe the holiday is linked to the Celtic festival of Samhain, which comes from the Old Irish term for “summer’s end.” Today’s Halloween customs are thought to be influenced by Christian dogma, as it falls the evening before All Hallow’s Day, which is a day to honor and celebrate saints and spirits ascending to heaven.
Halloween as we know it today emerged in the early 20th century; the tradition of trick-or-treating became popular in the 1930s. It was around this time that companies began mass producing costumes. In 1974, the annual New York Halloween Parade was founded. The event has grown to be one of the most-popular in the United States, with nearly 2 million spectators lining the route each year.
Halloween Around the World
The traditions and importance of Halloween vary greatly among countries that observe it. In Scotland and Ireland, traditional Halloween customs include children dressing up in costume and holding parties, while other practices in Ireland include lighting bonfires and having fireworks displays. The Chinese celebrate the "Hungry Ghost Festival" in mid-July, when it is customary to float river lanterns to remember those who have died. And while trick-or-treating has become popular in the Philippines, most people engage in a tradition called Pangangaluluwâ, where people go in groups door-to-door to offer a song in exchange for money or food.
Happy Halloween from the entire team at DecksDirect! Have fun and stay safe!

Trex RainEscape

Oct 20, 2016 | Posted in Product Spotlights By Rachelle Gordon

Trex RainEscape Blog

A second-story deck offers a wonderful and relaxing place to enjoy the great outdoors, but what about the space below? Turn your under-deck area into a liveable spot by installing the Trex RainEscape Deck Drainage System! This innovative system keeps the space below your second-story deck dry by channeling rainwater out. Protect your patio and the floor joists of your elevated deck with ease - you’ll be able to sit outside rain or shine! Keep in mind that the Trex RainEscape is for new builds and must be installed before laying your deck boards.

How it Works

RainEscape uses high-density polyethylene plastic (HDPE) material that acts as a trough between the joists and deck boards. Water travels through the trough to downspouts on the edge of the deck, keeping joists and the space below dry. The RainEscape system is designed with function in mind, allowing for the installation of fans, speakers, or other electronics.


The Trex RainEscape system is easy to install and blends seamlessly with your upper-level deck. This system needs to be installed prior to laying your deck boards. Post flashing is available for 4x4 wood posts, which is a collar that fits snug to further prevent moisture penetration. The HDPE trough material goes on top of the joists and can be secured using caulk,  butyl tape, or staples (sold separately). Downspouts should be placed at the end of the troughs in order to expel water away from the board and into your gutter. After the system is fully installed, deck boards are then attached to the joists as usual. The Trex RainEscape system fits both 12” and 16” joist spacing and is easily modified to fit 24” and non-standard joist spacing.

The Trex RainEscape Deck Drainage System is an excellent way to prevent rotting from moisture while expanding your outdoor living space to the under-deck area of your home. Please note, this system can only be used for new projects; it cannot be installed on an existing deck. The Trex RainEscape system is available now at DecksDirect - contact us today for more information and to get a free estimate!



Westbury Aluminum Railing

Oct 13, 2016 | Posted in Product Spotlights By Rachelle Gordon

Westbury Aluminum Railing

Westbury Aluminum Railing is an industry leader in durable railing and outdoor lighting solutions. A division of Digger Specialties Inc., Westbury has over 30 years of experience in the building industry. The company is dedicated to developing high quality, attractive, and affordable deck components that are built to last. From cable railing systems to post cap lights, Westbury has what you need to complete your next deck project.

Railing Systems

DecksDirect carries many of Westbury’s staple railing systems, which are available in a wide variety of colors, materials, and styles. The VertiCable line combines stainless steel cable infill with aluminum rails, creating a safe and secure railing system that does not compromise your view. The Tuscany line is equally impressive, featuring sturdy square baluster infill. There is even an additional drink rail adapter available for purchase in order to create a great space for your favorite beverage to rest while you’re enjoying the great outdoors. ADA-compliant secondary handrails are also available separately if needed.

The Montego line offers an upscale look through its curved balusters, an innovative and fresh design that architectural fans will adore. The unique shape of the balusters creates a certain distinction for your property that is sure to impress. If glass panels are more to your liking, the Veranda rail line is perfect. Reveal the view beyond the deck by combining tempered glass panels (not sold by DecksDirect) with the two-rail design of the Veranda system.

Post Caps

Westbury also offers coordinating post caps for their railing systems, in both lit and unlit styles. The unlit post cap comes in four unique finishes and offers a sleek look for any deck. The Titan post cap light is a low-voltage lighting solution that produces a warm white glow from an internal 18-watt bulb. Post caps come in a variety of sizes, so it is vital to measure your post carefully before ordering.

For a different look, the Magena Star Mini Vega LED Light is an excellent choice. This rail light can be used with the Tuscany, Montego, Riviera or Veranda rail systems. This 12-volt light can be easily installed on rail posts via its self-tapping screw. This durable aluminum-cased LED is available in three premium colors, so you’re sure to get a perfect match.


Expand your outdoor living space on a second-story deck without the risk of bugs invading by installing ScreenRail railing. This innovative system eliminates the chance of pests entering your space by utilizing a stretchable and long-lasting screen to the spaces above, below, and between railing and balusters. ScreenRail has the same classic appearance of other Westbury railing systems, but with recesses in the top and bottom rails for screen material.

Westbury Aluminum Railing, from Digger Specialties Inc., produces some of the finest railing systems available. Their durable and stylish railing kits, balusters, and post caps are sure to impress - check them out now on DecksDirect!


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