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Deckorators Post Caps

Mar 26, 2014 | Posted in Product Spotlights By Angelene

DecKorators Post Caps

Deckorators Post Caps offer style and function in a variety of materials and sizes. Whether you have a wood post, aluminum or composite, you're sure to find a Deckorators Post Cap to suite your needs. Here's a few of their top sellers all available at

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DecKorators – Beyond the Basics

Jul 11, 2013 | Posted in Product Spotlights By Angelene

DecKorators Aluminum Balusters & Accessories

DecKorators Aluminum Balusters & Accessories

Beyond the Basics

DecKorators made its name as an innovator of maintenance-free aluminum balusters and rail accessories for both residential and commercial projects. The company is continually focused on developing new products in exciting designs, increased color choices and more affordable options. So it’s no surprise that DecKorators boasts the largest selection of quality deck product on the market today. This selection goes far beyond the basic baluster to include items like low voltage and solar lighting, aluminum and composite railing options, glass balusters, decorative centerpieces and more.

Deckorators Baroque Architectural Balusters

Balusters and accessories, oh my!

  • Color - By far the most popular baluster is round gloss black, which is a big step up from the standard wood baluster. But did you know that round balusters are available in Matte Black, White and Bronze as well? 
  • Shape -  With options like bold Estate square, decorative Frontier glass, and elegantly curving Baroque and Arc balusters, Deckorators has the shape to complement any aesthetic.
  • Style – Why not add a unique design element to your baluster? Centerpieces, collars, baskets and even solar lights can be easily added for instant individuality and style.


deckorators CXT railing

Railing, Railing, Railing!

  • DecKorators balusters look great with wood railings. But if it’s a complete railing system you are searching for, then look no further. DecKorators offers complete railing systems in both aluminum and cap-stock composite options.

View Deckorators Aluminum Railing System 


View Deckorators CXT Railing System 


Deckorators Recessed LED Step Light

Illuminate the night!


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Deckorators Post Top Planter

Cap it off!

  • Post caps add extra flair to any railing, and DecKorators post caps come in so many varieties, you are sure to find one to suit your taste. Choose from sturdy aluminum, copper, patina, elegant glass, subtle solar


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Customers love DecKorators and you will, too!

DecKorators is one of our most popular brands among homeowners and builders. DecksDirect is the largest stocking dealer of DecKorators products, so you can be confident that when you order DecKorators, your shipment will go out quickly, usually on the same day! With DecKorators products you'll also enjoy Free Ground Shipping and No Hassle Returns. See specific product pages for details.


New DecKorators Solar VersaCap

Apr 22, 2013 | Posted in Product Spotlights By Angelene

DecKorators Solar Versa Cap

VersaCap by DecKorators

Now Available at DecksDirect!

Named for it's versatility, the Solar VersaCap by DecKorators fits on a wood 6x6 post and also includes adapters to fit on 5-7/16" or 5-3/8" post. This solar light displays a delicate glow without the bother of wiring. Available in Black, White Bronze and Copper.

  • Why We Love It: It's low profile design and four color choices make it an excellent match for most design styles.
  • Why It's Unique: One size fits many. This cap fits a 5-3/16", 5-7/16" and 5-59/8" post.
  • Why You'll Love It: As long as you have sunlight, this solar light will illuminate your night.


DecKorators Solar Versa Cap


Solar Baluster Light by Deckorators

Apr 12, 2013 | Posted in Product Spotlights By Angelene

New Solar Baluster Light by DecKorators!

Whether you are installing a brand new railing or looking to upgrade your existing railing, the Solar Baluster Light by DecKorators will enhance the look of the railing. This solar light's two piece design easily installs around a 3/4" deck baluster to add a subtle accent to a rail section without the hassle of wiring. Choose from a classic black or shiny copper.

Deckorators Solar Light

DecKorators Solar Baluster Light

  • Why We Love It: It is quick and easy to install.
  • Why It's Unique: It can be installed on any 3/4" baluster – before or after the installation of the deck railing.
  • Why You'll Love It: Because this baluster light is solar, it installs without the hassle of wiring or a transformer.


DecKorators Solar Baluster Light 


New Solar Lights from Classy Caps!

Feb 12, 2013 | Posted in Product Spotlights By Angelene

Solar Post Caps by Classy Caps

Effortlessly brighten your deck, porch or walkway with beautiful solar lighting from Classy Caps. With the addition of four new styles to their line-up, you have a plethora of options to choose from. All styles feature high quality, cool white LEDs that stay lit for 8-12 hours. Available in sized ranging form 3-9/16" to 5-5/8", whether you are fitting a wood, PVC, or composite post, you are sure to find a perfect fit in the Classy Caps Solar Post Cap Lights.

Solar Post Cap by Classy Caps

Solar Lighting

  • Why We Love Them - Solar lights are powered by rechargeable batteries and therefor, are easy to install.
  • Why They're Unique - From modern to classic, Classy Caps offers a post cap to fit any style.
  • Why You'll Love Them - They're sure to fit into anyone's budget.


Classy Caps Solar Deck Lights 


New Solar Accent Lights by DecKorators

Mar 12, 2012 | Posted in Product Spotlights By Angelene

Solar Accent Lights by DecKorators

Solar Accent Lights by Deckorators add a subtle glow to any outdoor project without the hassle of wiring.

Labyrinth Solar Accent Light by DecKorators

Solar Accent Lights

  • Available in two designer styles
  • Antiqued black finish
  • rechargeable AA Ni-Cad battery included.


Solar Accent Light by DecKorator 


Maine Ornamental is now proudly Deckorators!

Maine Ornamental Post Caps

Superior Post Caps with a new brand!

It takes but a glance to see there's something special in a Maine Ornamental product. Working with materials that range from wood to copper, composite, vinyl and glass, Maine Ornamental creates custom decorative details that adorn decks, fences, porches, signs and mailboxes. And when you consider the generous color options associated with each product, it adds up to a menu of nearly 300 different styles of post caps.

Take for instance the Low Profile Solar Light. Skirt material in cedar or pressure treated pine supports a sturdy yet charming solar light framed in pewter, black or stainless steel. Whatever style you choose, the end result is impressive, with a solid and beautiful effect.


Shop Deckorators Post Caps 

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