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Prestige Aluminum Railing System by DekPro

The Prestige Aluminum Deck Railing System is an excellent railing system if you're looking for a modern, low-profile aluminum railing that won't break the bank. The Prestige system is simple to understand and simple to install which makes it a go to for DIYers and a great option for larger commercial applications. 

Prestige Aluminum Railing


Key Features


  • Textured Powder-Coated Finishes
  • 100% Made In The USA
  • Sleek Low Profile Railing
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Four Color Options (White, Black, Bronze, & Maple Cream)


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The Basics


The Prestige Aluminum Railing System is very simple to understand as it's basically a 2 step process. Our Prestige Rail Installation Instructions will walk you through step-by-step on how to install the system. 


Dekpro Prestige Aluminum Deck Railing Components



Step 1- Prestige Aluminum Post Kit

Prestige Aluminum Post KitThe Prestige Aluminum Post Kit features a welded flange, a thick base plate, and a fine textured finish. The benefit of this aluminum post kit is that it includes a matching post cap and post skirt. This post kit is only available in a 3 x 3 inch size and the included cap and skirt will fit accordingly. The 5/16" base plate of the post is pre-drilled to attach the post to a blocked deck surface with 3/8" lags. Also available through DecksDirect is the option to choose the Prestige Cable Rail Aluminum Post Kit which has a pre-drilled option if you are wanting to create a cable railing system using prestige posts.




Step 1A - Prestige Aluminum Post Sleeve

Prestige Aluminum Post SleeveIf you don't want to remove your old wood posts, but still want the benefits of the prestige railing system, you can go ahead and use the Prestige Aluminum Post Sleeve by DekPro as an alternative. This post sleeve adds a sleek finish to your standard 4 x 4 inch wood posts or adjustable post mounts and perfectly matches with the rest of the products within the prestige aluminum railing line. In order to finish off this post sleeve, you will need to purchase a post cap and post skirt separately. DecksDirect offers the Prestige Aluminum Rail Post Cap and Prestige Aluminum Post Skirt which both match the color options and sizes available in the prestige system.




Step 1B - Prestige Aluminum Rail Post Cap

Prestige Aluminum Post CapThe Prestige Aluminum Rail Post Cap is made from a heavy duty aluminum and then powder coated resulting in a long-lasting finish. This post cap is available in the same colors as the rest of the prestige aluminum railing system, absolute black, cocoa bronze, dream white, and maple cream. It comes in a 3 x 3 inch size to fit the prestige aluminum post kit as well as a 4 x 4 inch size to fit the prestige aluminum post sleeve. The cap will pressure-fit into place with a tap from a rubber mallet.






Step 1C - Prestige Aluminum Post Skirt

Prestige Aluminum Post SkirtNext is the Prestige Aluminum Post Skirt which adds a durable finishing touch to your prestige post or post sleeve. Just like the prestige aluminum post cap, this post skirt is available in the same fine textured finishes as the rest of the prestige line. This skirt is available in a 3 x 3 inch size to fit perfectly over the prestige aluminum posts and a 4 x 4 inch size to fit perfectly over the prestige aluminum post sleeves. The main function of this post skirt is to conceal the hardware used to secure your post to your deck.




Step 2 - Prestige Aluminum Level & Stair Rail Kits

Prestige Aluminum Level Rail KitNow we move into step 2. This is where you will choose either the Prestige Aluminum Level Rail Kit, the Prestige Aluminum Adjustable Stair Rail Kit or both if you are installing both level and stair railing. Both level and adjustable stair rail kits are available in the same textured finishes as your post, they both come in 6-foot or 8-foot lengths, and they both have a square baluster infill. With the level rail kit you have the option of a 38-inch or 42-inch high railing. Both rail heights feature a 3-1/8 inch sweep by default, so if you wanted a 36-inch rail height you would just need to install your level rail kit at a 1-1/8 inch sweep. Included with your level rail kit are the top and bottom rail with pre-installed baluster connectors, square balusters (15 per 6 ft kit, 21 per 8 ft kit), level rail brackets, 1 rail support, and installation hardware. With the adjustable stair rail kit you can accommodate for stair angles from 0° to 40°. You can choose from a rail height of 36 or 42 inches. Each adjustable stair rail kit includes the top and bottom rail (slotted for baluster insertion), square balusters (12 per 6 ft kit, 17 per 8 ft kit), stair rail brackets, and installation hardware.



Customizations & Additional Options


Prestige Aluminum Drink Rail Bracket

Drink Rail Adapter Prestige Aluminum RailTurn the top rail of your Prestige Aluminum railing system into a drink holder with the Prestige Aluminum Rail Drink Rail Bracket. This adapter turns any deck board of your choice into a flat surface on your top rail, but the deck board is not included. We recommend placing these brackets roughly two feet apart to create a flat, sturdy drink rail surface.


  • Attach Any Deck Board For A Drink Rail
  • Installation Hardware Included
  • Available in Absolute Black, Cocoa Bronze, Dream White, & Maple Cream



Prestige Aluminum Rail Post Jig For Brackets

Prestige Aluminum Rail Post Jig for BracketsThe Prestige Aluminum Rail Post Jig For Brackets makes it much easier and faster to install prestige rail brackets on 3-inch posts and 4-inch post sleeves. It includes a 2-way level to ensure your surface mount posts are plumb. Clamp the tool in place for bracket installation. The jig has a slotted opening at 38-inches and 42-inches which would leave you with a 3-1/8 inch sweep.


  • 2-Way Level
  • Pre-Slotted Openings for Bracket Installation
  • Works With Level & Stair Posts



Prestige Aluminum Gate Uprights

Prestige Aluminum Gate UprightsLast, but not least you have the Prestige Aluminum Gate Uprights which allow you to build a gate with your prestige aluminum railing. The uprights are 3 x 3 inches posts with top brackets welded into place. Use these uprights with the prestige aluminum level rail kit to create a perfectly matched gate system. Simply install the bottom rail brackets (included with your rail section purchase) at your desired height, trim the bottom of the upright as needed (default 48 inches), and install your shortened level rail section.


  • Same Color Options as Prestige Railing
  • Top Rail Bracket Pre-Installed
  • Includes 2 Gate Uprights & 4 Post Caps



The DekPro Prestige Aluminum Deck Railing System is an excellent railing system if you're looking for a modern, low-profile aluminum railing that won't break the bank. To make things even better, DecksDirect is offering free shipping on Prestige Aluminum purchases of $299 or more. If you would like us to get you a quote for your Prestige railing project just head on over to our Get A Quote page and fill out our simple form. As always, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to call us at (888) 824-5316.

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