Mount Rushmore - Happy Presidents Day

Happy Presidents Day

DecksDirect would like to say Happy Presidents’ Day to everyone celebrating today! Many people celebrate this day differently as some will celebrate George Washington's birthday, some celebrate Abraham Lincoln's Birthday, and others will celebrate the legacy of all of our past presidents. Presidents’ Day first started as an unofficial holiday that celebrated President George Washington's February 22nd birthday back in 1800, roughly six months after he passed away. Presidents’ Day was not made an official federal holiday for another seventy-nine years until January 31st, 1879 and it became a national holiday six years after that in 1885. Surprisingly enough, no Presidents' birthdays actually land on the third Monday of February! George Washington's birthday was February 22nd, Abraham Lincoln's birthday was February 12th, William Henry Harrison's birthday was February 9th, and Ronald Wilson Reagan's birthday was February 6th. An interesting fact about President George Washington was that he was actually born February 11th, 1731 and at the time the Julian calendar was being used. However, in 1752 Britain and all of its colonies adopted the Gregorian calendar which moved George Washington’s birthday a year and eleven days forward, making it fall on February 22nd, 1732.

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