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Brazilian Rosewood Oil

Strong, flexible, water-resistant oil that is harvested from the seeds of the Brazilian Rosewood tree. Allows the wood to retain its flexibility. It creates no surface film. No trees are ever cut down to obtain this oil.

Transoxide Pigments

Penofin provides up to 99% ultraviolet protection. These pigments also penetrate into the wood protecting it from the inside out from the sun’s damaging rays. It adds a rich, transparent color to enhance the natural beauty of wood, highlighting the grain.

High-Grade Mildewcide

The finest possible mildewcide to retard growth of mold and mildew.


Penofin’s formula penetrates deep into the wood. Other coatings lay on the surface and wear away after a few months. Because Penofin is a low-solid formula it penetrates, protecting wood beneath the surface.
Test any other wood finish against Penofin with our “blotter book” test instructions and see for yourself! Another benefit to Penofin’s lowsolid formula you never have to worry about lap marks. This makes application fast and easy for everyone!

Penofin & The Environment:

"Penofin® Performance Coatings Inc. is committed to the environment. We use Brazilian Rosewood Oil harvested from seed, carefully gathered, and then pressed and purified. This natural base creates a stain that penetrates deeper, preserving wood longer. This benign approach does not harm the environment. The oil, found only on the dry plains of Brazil, is the essential ingredient in Penofin. No other wood-finishing product contains this unique oil. We believe in keeping all the environments we touch safe. We believe in creating a safe environment for our workers. We do not create a waste stream in manufacturing. We believe in the continued search to find sustainably harvested ingredients. The use of these ingredients provides jobs without destroying the natural habitat. We believe that one way of caring for our environment is by wisely using our limited raw materials to create items of beauty, purpose, and permanence."