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Looking for a way to improve the natural beauty of your wood deck boards while protecting them from the elements? RenewAll from Penofin is specially formulated to penetrate wood grain, preventing damage from UV rays, rain and snow. Give your deck a makeover that will increase its aesthetic value, all while strengthening its durability.

Penofin Renewall

Penofin RenewAll features an innovative elastomeric resin system with premium flexibility and adhesion. This formula smooths rough surfaces and keeps splinters at bay; it can also fill cracks up to ¼”. RenewAll creates a non-skid surface and meets both ADA & OSHA slip resistance standards, making your deck or patio safer.

Before applying RenewAll, it’s important to prep your deck boards. If there are any severely damaged or rotting deck boards, remove these first. Then, rid dirt and grime from your deck using a specialized cleaning formula, such as Penofin Pro-Tech Cleaner. Ensure all cleaning solution has been removed and the deck boards are dry before applying RenewAll. Apply one coat of RenewAll evenly across your deck boards, allowing it to dry for 4-6 hours before applying a second coat.

Rejuvenate your deck today with Penofin RenewAll. This innovative formula is available in six rich colors, meaning you’re sure to find the perfect match for your home. Remember that RenewAll is for outdoor applications only and works well for both wood and concrete. Breathe new life into your deck with Penofin RenewAll, available right here at DecksDirect!

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