Penofin Penetrating Oils

Penofin Penetrating Oil

Penofin is the leading brand in wood oil finishes, and Penofin Penetrating Oils keep your deck boards protected from the sun's harmful UV rays, mold and mildew. Penofin's stains and sealers can be used on brand new wood or bring aged wood back to life. These are not just your typical stain and sealers however, Penofin's oils actually replace natural wood oils that are lost in the wood during the milling process. This gives you a truly beautiful new look to your deck boards that you know will increase the longevity of your deck.

Penofin doesn't only deal in stains and sealers; they also have strippers, brighteners and cleaners available to prepare your boards to be stained. The Penofin Pro-Tech Complete Wood Care Kit is a three-step system to restore and prepare your wood surface for perfect stain results. Step 1 is the Penofin Pro-Tech Stripper and you only use this step if you need to remove a non-Penofin oil-based finish. The stripper softens most coatings in less than 30 minutes and will not raise the grain of your wood. Step 2 is the Penofin Pro-Tech Cleaner. Simply mix these powerful concentrated granules with water and apply it to your deck boards to clean stains, sap, grease, grime, mold and mildew. The final step is Penofin Pro-Tech Brightener. If you are having problems with tannins or watermarks on your new wood you can use Pro-Tech Brightener and remove all mill glaze. You can also use this concentrated formula to rejuvenate and brighten old wood that has grayed and weathered overtime.

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With Penofin's Pro-Tech products and Penofin's Penetrating Oil's your deck will be bright and beautiful in no time!


Penofin Verde Interior / Exterior Formula

  • 21 colors
  • Zero V.O.C.
  • No odor - Use indoors and outdoors

Penofin Ultra Premier Red Label Formula

  • 10 transparent tones
  • 99% UV protection
  • Extra mildew protection

Penofin Exterior Blue Label Formula

  • 10 transparent tones
  • The "Workhorse" of the Penofin product line
  • 90% UV protection

Penofin Exterior Hardwood Formula

  • Specially formulated for Hardwoods
  • 3 transparent tones
  • 99% UV protection

Penofin Knotwood Composite Decking Formula

  • 3 transparent tones
  • 99% UV protection
  • Prevents mold and mildew

Penofin for Pressure-Treated Wood Formula

  • Available in 3 natural tones
  • 99% UV protection
  • Deep penetration into ACQ wood

Penofin Exterior Marine Oil Finish

  • Available in a transparent and natural tone
  • Ideal for use on docks, boats, cabins
  • Superior mildew prevention

Penofin Log On Exterior Formula

  • 3 transparent tones
  • 99% UV protection
  • Made with Brazilian rosewood oil

Redwood All Heart by Penofin

  • Specially formulated for Redwood
  • 99% UV protection
  • Made with Brazilian rosewood oil


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