DeckWise Ipe Oil

Ipe Oil by Deckwise

Ipe Oil by Deckwise enhances the beauty of your hardwood deck and protects it from harmful UV rays, mold, water and mildew. This low-odor formula comes in a natural transparent tone that penetrates deep into even the densest hardwood species to protect and enhance appearance. On top of all of that, Ipe Oil is a quick ship item and comes with free shipping on minimum orders.

Deckwise Ipe Oil

Check out some customer reviews:

  • "Easy to apply and a beautiful finish. This is a terrific product for enhancing and protecting your IPE decking."


    • "I have an Ipe Deck that is about 10 years old. I would wash it periodically to get the grim off of it but it weathered to the classic grey. I decided to put an oil on it this year. I researched it on line and found the Ipe Oil product. I read all the directions and applied it and wiped down any excess. The deck looks awesome. I am very pleased."

-Harold D.


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