Solid Genovations PVC decking is stronger than wood and composite deck boards at a lower price

Want Your Deck To Last Its Longest?

Try the solid PVC Feel of Genovations Decking

For patio and deck flooring that won't mold, stain, or fade; groundbreaking Genovations PVC decking eliminates any of the worry involved with natural and composite deck boards while adding an organic wood-grain look and feel to your outdoor space. The solid PVC deck flooring doesn't contain any foam, wood, or organic filler materials meaning that Genovations deck boards don't absorb any moisture and doesn't require any air-flow clearance.

Specially engineered for an incredibly quick installation time, Genovations Decking features a self-aligning and self-spacing tongue and groove design that allows you to attach your deck boards securely with just a simple Genovations Stainless Steel Truss Head Screw. No expensive hidden deck fastening systems. No time-consuming deck clips. Just a straightforward installation with zero visible hardware or exposed fasteners for a barefoot friendly deck surface without the extra work.

The Genovations Decking process can be accomplished in as few as three simple steps

Looking to create a pretty backyard patio area? Genovations PVC Decking can be installed directly over concrete to help complete the look you want for your space with the extra work of creating clearance. Open channels in the I-Beam board desing allow air to pass through easily allowing for open space needed as well as a cooler board surface temperatures.

The unique I-Beam design of the Genovations floor boards also allow for installation on 16 inch joists, while creating a deck board that is less than half the weight of leading composite deck boards as well as one of the strongest 5/4 inch deck boards available on the market today. Available in six different earth-tone shades, including both multi-tonal and solid finishes, Genovations Decking can help complete your family's outdoor living room with strength you can trust.

When choosing your deck design and deck board layout, we highly recommend getting in touch with one of our deck designers to help you pick out the composite or PVC decking lines, styles, and hardware that match your home's style and can help create the outdoor look you want. Give us a call at 1-888-824-5316 to get started today!


A low-maintenance way to get the beautiful backyard space you've always wanted no matter your climate or location with Genovations Decking

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