G-Tape: The World's Most Amazing Tape

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If you're building a new deck, you'll want to make sure all your hard work lasts for many years to come. G-Tape is an exceptional acrylic adhesive flashing tape that's an instant favorite of anyone building a deck. It makes for great joist protection and creates a protective seal on the part of your deck that is at the greatest risk of water damage.

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G-Tape Roll

Permanent Seal

G-Tape is lightweight and tears cleanly with just your hands, so you won't need scissors or knives like with other tapes. You can reposition the tape during installation, but after 24 hours, the bond becomes permanent. This chemical- and solvent-resistant tape will be sure to keep your joists strong for many years.





G-Tape Roll

Different Sizes

We carry G-Tape in different size rolls to accommodate any project. You can get a 65 foot roll in 2", 4", 6", 9", or 12".




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