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Fortress Vertical Cable

Fortress Vertical Cable was the first vertical railing panel system to hit cable railing industry, and DecksDirect is proud to be able to offer it to you. Fortress offers sleek Vertical Cable Level Railing Panels and Vertical Cable Stair Railing Panels that are both high-grade and durable. The top and bottom rails are made from pre-galvanized and powder-coated iron with 316 marine grade stainless steel cable wire. These panels are available in either a 34" rail height or a 40" rail height and come in six foot and eight foot lengths. There are a total of eighteen 1/8 inch thick cable wires per panel that are spaced 3-1/4 inches apart, ensuring that you will meet your building codes. These panels have pre-installed 5/8 inch steel cable supports that are placed about one third of the way in on both ends; they make sure your panel wont bow from over tightened cable wires.

Installing this Vertical Cable system isn't too difficult. Start by mounting your Fortress Iron Posts for Cable Railing Panels. Next, you'll want to install your Universal Rail Brackets for Fortress Cable Railing Panels making sure to space them according to the rail height that you choose. Now, you'll come in with your Fortress Vertical Cable Level Railing Panel and insert the top and bottom rails into the brackets that you've just installed. You'll attach the top and bottom rails with the included T-25 thread cutting screws, and then come in and tighten up your cable wire so that they are tensioned equally. In order to stop the Vertical Cable Panel from bowing out, there is a specific tightening order that can be found in the Installation Instructions for Fortress Vertical Cable Panels. Lastly, because the top of the rail is open you have the option of adding a top accent rail. You can add the Flat Accent Top Rail in Black Sand for a finished look, or you could use Fortress' FE26 Cap Rail Clips and attach your own wood, composite, or vinyl board to the top rail. Whichever top accent you choose you will be getting a railing system that looks amazing and won't inhibit the view from your deck.

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Fortress Vertical Cable


Vertical Cable Features

  • 34" or 40" Rail Heights
  • 6' or 8' Rail Lengths
  • 15 year Cable Railing Warranty
  • Pre-Galvanized & Powder-Coated Iron Rails
  • 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Cable Wire


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