Even the Experts Trust G-Tape

Completely protect and seal your new deck from water rot and mold with G-Tape Acrylic Flashing Tape. G-Tape is waterproof and weather-resistant to give your joists, windows and doors coverage in any climate. G-Tape withstands extreme weather conditions without any cracking or strength loss. It is available in a wide variety of sizes to shield anything from stringers to double or triple beams, even EPDM roofing.

G-Tape is even tearable by hand and repositionable. While most tapes crinkle, stick to themselves, and leave sticky residue, G-Tape doesn’t stick to itself and easily releases contact with no adhesion loss, improving speed and productivity while also keeping costs low. It creates a permanent bond after 24 hours and is manufacturer tested for a 50 year span. Work smarter, not harder with the most high performing tape on the market.

Hear from the professionals

Even professional deck builders trust G-Tape for many of their projects. We asked one of our favorite local builders, Tim from Phi Decks, why he loves G-Tape:

  • “G-Tape is really useful when we need to add a little extra water protection to our framing members when we have multi-ply beams, we’ll install G-Tape across the top of them so that it’ll stop water intrusion into those beams and to prevent future rot. A lot of flashing tapes are butyl based which really only works when it’s above 60 or 70 degrees and the sun is out. They don’t stick very well in the cold for sure. G-Tape always sticks in the cold, really no matter what the temperature is, G-Tape will stick to whatever we’re putting it on.”


G-Tape is not sold in most hardware stores, but is always in stock and ready to ship to you same day only at Decks Direct.com. At any point in your project, even if you have just a few simple questions, feel free to give our deck experts a call at 1-888-824-5316 or send us an email at hello@decksdirect.com.

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