Expand Your Living Space with a Deck Drainage System

Why Add Drainage to Your Deck

If you have a second story walkout deck or are planning to build one, you’re probably also thinking about the best use for the space underneath. A big factor to consider when planning your underdeck space is rain.

Anything you put underneath your deck is going to get wet when it rains unless you install an under deck drainage system. Deck drainage helps you make the most of the otherwise wasted space by funneling rainwater into a gutter system instead of straight through your decking.

Deck Drainage Options

Here at DecksDirect, we offer two popular deck drainage systems - Trex RainEscape and Zip-Up UnderDeck. Both systems do an excellent job of managing rainwater drainage from your deck. But what are the differences between the two, and which one is right for you?

Trex's RainEscape

    • Why We Love It: The system maximizes the investment of a deck by doubling the space while protecting the deck joists from rotting.


    • Why It's Unique: Easily accommodates wiring and fixtures for patio amenities like speakers, ceiling fans, electronics, and more.


    • Why You'll Love It: Creates a beautiful and functional outdoor living space to enjoy year-round.




Zip-Up UnderDeck

    • Why We Love It: This system is super simple to install; it was designed with the DIYer in mind and only a few tools are needed.


    • Why It's Unique: Zip-Up UnderDeck can be installed on a new or pre-existing deck.


    • Why You'll Love It: Not only does the system keep you rainwater-free, it also provides the look of a finished ceiling. Choose from white or beige to complement your home.




Trex RainEscape vs Zip-Up UnderDeck

The major difference between the two systems is how they’re installed. Trex’s RainEscape is a system of troughs that attach between your deck’s joists and decking boards. Zip-Up is similar to a ceiling drainage system and attaches below the deck joists.

Trex's RainEscape will need to be installed before you install deck boards making it an excellent option for a new deck or one undergoing a major renovation. Zip-Up UnderDeck can be installed beneath existing decks making it the perfect solution if you're simply upgrading your deck with drainage.

In summary, use Trex RainEscape for new decks or when you plan to replace your decking and use Zip-Up Underdeck to upgrade existing decks.


We're here to help

Whichever drainage system is right for your application, you'll be gaining additional dry space under your deck to enjoy for years to come. Check out our deck drainage section if you'd like to explore the products that make up the Trex RainEscape and Zip-Up UnderDeck systems. Also, if you have any further questions don't hesitate to give us a call we'll be more than happy to help.

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