Improving the Deck Experience: Estimating Tools

At DecksDirect, we see your deck as a lifestyle. We know the deck experience is much greater than just the materials you choose, products you buy, or who installs it. We stand behind you as you successfully put all the pieces together and make memories on it for years to come. There are a few ways we strive to improve your deck experience. One way is through the use of our estimating tools. We currently have two different calculators that make ordering products even easier, and we are always working on more! Our Baluster Calculator and our Zip-Up UnderDeck Calculator make calculating supplies easy.


Not sure how many balusters you need? What about how far apart you need to space them? Take the guess work out of ordering balusters with our calculator! Simply input your total length of railing, the number of posts you have, the size of the posts, and the width of the baluster. The system will tell you exactly how many total balusters you'll need! It takes into account building codes like baluster spacing, and gives you the perfect number to complete your project!

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With the Zip-Up UnderDeck Calculator, we build your shopping cart for you. All you need to do is tell us the length and width of the underside of your deck, and we'll calculate it all for you! We create a comprehensive list of the items you'll need for your project that you can add straight into your cart!

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