Learn how to get rid of deck baluster rattle for a noise-free railing year-round

DecksDirect Pro Tip: How do I eliminate baluster rattle?

because nothing ruins a peaceful afternoon like a headache

Imagine a warm summer afternoon. You're lounging back in your chair, feet propped up on your deck railing, enjoying the warm sunshine brightening up your face. When suddenly, just as you begin to drift away into your dream space, you hear it. A low, small rumbling. The clicking and clacking of materials against each other. Then a gust of wind comes in and the noise takes over, "Rattle, rattle, rattle!"

DecksDirect Pro Tip:
Get rid of noisy deck baluster rattle with a simple dab of silicone.

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Simpler than you could even imagine, the one tool you'll need to tighten and secure your deck balusters quietly in place is some Silicone Sealant. Once your baluster connectors are installed on your top and bottom rails, place a dab of silicone within the baluster to rail connectors. With the silicone ready, fully set your deck spindles into the connectors. Tap the deck pickets lightly with either your fist or a rubber mallet to fully seat the components in place.

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