How to Install Feeney Cable Railing on Staircases

How to Install Feeney CableRail on Staircases

One of the most popular deck trends over the past several years has been installing a stainless steel cable railing infill on your outdoor space. This corrosion-resistant infill is sleek, long-lasting and allows your view to remain entirely free and open with hardly any upkeep or maintenance throughout the years. Feeney Inc. has even created CableRail Assembly Kits which include all the hardware you would need to install a run of cable. Getting a minimalistic and modern deck railing has never been easier.

Now for a DecksDirect Pro Tip: When installing your Feeney CableRail Stair Kit be sure to install your Threaded Terminal End at the bottom stair posts. This will allow the kit to be incredibly easy to tension and altogether a quicker installation. Installing in this way will also allow the Quick-Connect Pivot Fitting to reach top stair posts that don't allow access to the back face.

The parts and pieces of the Feeney CableRail Stair Kit including an attached threaded terminal end, a quick-connect pivot fitting a snug-grip washer nut, and necessary beveled washers.

CableRail Stair Kits by Feeney are available in 20 foot lengths and feature a pre-swaged Threaded Terminal End to eliminate any crimping on the job. These kits also includea Quick-Connect Pivot fitting, a Snug-Grip Washer Nut, a Beveled Washer and a Flat Washer. For a complete run of cable all in one package, look no further than the CableRail Assembly Kits by Feeney.

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