Find the hottest deck accessories, tools and trends to help your family and friends look forward to the warmth of Spring

2019 Holiday Gift Guide from DecksDirect

You snow the drill! Once the turkey is cleared from the table and the spilled-over cranberry sauce is all wiped up, it's officially the winter holiday season! But whether you're rushing to pull out the lights, ornaments and decor from the cramped attic, or just looking forward to long, winter naps; DecksDirect has you covered on getting all the gifts your family and friends will love. With the coolest and most innovative deck products, tools, and accessories of 2019 in stock and ready to ship out today, sit back, relax and check some gifts off your list.

Let's spruce up our decks and enhance our outdoor family spaces with easy-to-install and easy-to-love deck products on-hand!

Top 8 Deck Gift Ideas of 2019


Folding Deck Railing Table

Enjoy outdoor meals and morning coffees, without losing your floor space with the Folding Deck Railing Table - ON SALE NOW! The Folding Deck Railing Table is a brilliant way to add a solid, level space to your family's deck minus any scratches, screws, or damage! Safe from blowing around in the wind or being knocked over by moving feet, the Folding Deck Railing Table keeps your deck clear for friends and family while providing a stable table.

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Hold It Mate Mounting Rails and Accessories

One of the most innovative, convenient, and simple-to-use products of 2019, Hold It Mate has found a way to add storage and shelving without any damage to your deck rails! The Hold It Mate Rails attach directly to the vertical balusters to add utility without taking up floor space or damaging your railing. The perfect present for the budding gardener, master griller, or pet lovers in the family.

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AZEK Pavers

Create a brand new space such as patios, driveways, courtyards, rooftop terraces and more outside your home with the versatile, strong and cost-effective choice of AZEK Pavers. Durable enough to be installed directly over an existing surface, or along newly laid joists, AZEK Pavers provide a beautiful floor space while still offering heightened resistance to harsh weather elements, moisture damage such as mold or mildew and fading.

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Feeney CableRail MultiTool

Perfect for the person who loves versatile, multifunctional tools that can do it all; the Feeney 1/8 Inch CableRail MultiTool is the one tool to rule them all. This 6-in-1 tool includes a Quick-Connect® Release Tool, Bubble Level, CableRail Lacing Needle and more to make cable railing installations easier and faster than ever. Keep everything you need right in your pocket with the incredibly convenient Feeney CableRail MultiTool.

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Hardwood Deck Tiles

A straightforward method to add the beauty of natural, hardwood to your home's outdoor space; Hardwood Deck Tiles can make expanding your home easy. Available in several wood species and tile designs, Hardwood Deck Tiles can create a foundation for the rooftops, patios, sidewalks, and garden paths that will take your home to the next level.

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Fortress Accent Top Rails & Panels

Give the gift of a polished final look on family and friends' Fortress Deck Railing with the stunning addition of Fortress Accent Top Rails. Choose from round, flat or decorative Accent Top Rails to create the individualized deck railing style you've always wanted for your space. No screws or extra tools required, simply attach with the included adhesive pieces and enjoy!

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Deck Gates & Hardware

Give the gift of safety and security to all of the loved ones on your list with Deck Gates & Hardware from DecksDirect! These straightforward gates can be installed around gardens, staircases, pools, and more for a great way to keep everyone safe, from children and pets to party guests. A wide array of gate designs, materials, and colors are available to deliver the look they'll love.

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TrapEase 3 Deck Screws

Help your family and friends renovate and upgrade their beloved deck with a handy pack of TrapEase 3 Composite Deck Screws. The only composite deck screw approved for the wide majority of composite decking brands, the TrapEase 3 Deck Screws provide a strong, solid hold for your composite deck boards while the color-matching screw heads blend in perfectly with the beautiful and newly installed boards for a look you won't see.

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