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create patios, rooftop terraces, driveways, courtyards, and more!

Revitalize your worn-out backyard areas in an afternoon with the incredibly strong and cost-effective AZEK Pavers. A truly unique and eye-catching way to create a solid foundation no matter the area, AZEK Pavers combines the physical strength and durability of concrete slabs or wood deck tiles, with the lightweight accessibility of modern science. Molded from up to 95% recycled materials such as tires or water bottles, AZEK Pavers are an environmentally-friendly method to breathe new life into a worn-out or stained exterior space, or help your home expand with your family.

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AZEK Pavers can be used for standard foundation applications such as a patio or rooftop deck, however, they can also be used in low speed vehicle areas like driveways and garages, or water zones such as hot tubs and saunas!

Durable enough to be installed directly over an existing surface, or along newly laid joists, AZEK Pavers provide a beautiful floor space while still offering heightened resistance to harsh weather elements, moisture damage such as mold or mildew and fading. Pavers are generally sold in packs of 8 and can be altered to fit the space you need! Cut the AZEK Pavers to shape and size using a miter saw or jigsaw tool.

AZEK Pavers are often installed on a Paver Installation Grid to make for a quicker installation process and endless Paver pattern possibilities! Finish your AZEK Paver install up to 3 times faster than typical installation and forget using string lines or rubber mallets to complete your look; simply set your AZEK Paver in place, and you're finished. A complete Unit (8 Pavers with Installation Grid) will cover approximately 1.78 square feet and adds about 1-3/4 inches of height to the area.

As the seasons turn and change, be sure to make the most out of every inch of outdoor space you have with AZEK Pavers. Whether you're tired of staining your deck year after year, wanting to cover an ugly oil stain on your family driveway, or create a new outdoor space for the family hot tub; make the most of every area in your home with universal uses of AZEK Pavers.

AZEK Pavers resist fading, cracking and staining for years and years to come all while keep your outdoor space barefoot friendly

Find your inspiration with these easy-to-create Paver patterns!

While incredibly versatile and safe, be sure to not install AZEK Pavers for use as a fire pit or BBQ and grilling area. AZEK Pavers should also not be installed in areas with standing, above-ground water conditions.

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