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Inspiration for 2017

The 2017 deck season is quickly approaching and DecksDirect is here to help you build better decks. It's never too early to start preparing, so we've compiled some of our favorite customer projects as inspiration for your project this year. We've also featured go-getter projects for those of you who just can't wait until winter is over.


Too Cold Outside? No Problem!

Winter doesn't have to be so boring, even when there's snow and freezing temps you can still get your DIY fix in. Take a look at what our customers were able to do once they took their project indoors!

Indoor installation of square balusters by Tehk

Square Aluminum Balusters by Solutions

We start off with Scott’s beautiful installation of Square Aluminum Balusters by Solutions. These black balusters really make the wood railing stand out, perfectly complementing the natural look and feel of the wood. These balusters are great for any project indoors or out, because the powder coating extends over the ends of the baluster, making them maintenance-free and extremely durable. Scott's project will look great for years to come because aluminum doesn't rust and won't have any chemical reactions with his wood rails.

To connect his balusters, Scott used the Square Baluster Connectors by Solutions. These plastic connectors are available for both level and stair railing with a stair connector angle of 30° - 35°. You will need 2 connectors for each baluster, one for the top connection and one for the bottom connection. Once installed, 2 straight connectors will add roughly 1/8” to your rail height.


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Indoor installation of cablerail cable railing

CableRail Assembly Kit by Feeney

Richard decided to take a modern approach to his indoor railing and installed CableRail Assembly Kits by Feeney for a low-maintenance upgrade. Cable Railing looks attractive indoors and outdoors and is a DIY-friendly way to tie together your interior and exterior living spaces. The CableRail Assembly Kit makes installing Cable Railing a simpler process as it includes a lot of the materials required for installing your cable. Included with your kit is your selected length of cable with a Threaded Terminal Fitting pre-attached, one Quick-Connect® SS Fitting, two Stainless Flat Washers and one Snug-Grip® Washer Nut. Richard also took advantage of the CableRail Stainless Steel End Caps to cover up his unsightly washers and quick-connnects.

PRO TIP: the only way to remove cable from a fitting is to use a cable release tool or to cut the cable and run new wire. To speed up the install process and give yourself a little wiggle room, we strongly recommend adding a Cable Release Tool to any CableRail order.


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Summer Project Inspiration

Some things just can't be done in the cold. Trust us, being in Minnesota, we know all about the cold. Check out these customers' summer projects to spark some ideas for your summer projects!

Installation of hog wild railing panels

Mesh Level Rail Panels by Wild Hog Railing

Here's Susan’s beautiful installation of Wild Hog Level Railing Panels set into a wood rail. These 4x4 mesh level rail panels are easy to install in wood, like Susan did by routing a channel into her top and bottom rails to hold the panel in place. The panels are not bulky and will give Susan excellent visibility with their designed 4” x 4” welded cross points. She is also getting a great deal by using Wild Hog because Wild Hog panels are made from 6 gauge steel that is zinc primed and powder coated, making for a maintenance-free long lasting railing installation.

To finish off her beautiful railing Susan went with the verde green Victoria High Top Pyramid Post Caps by Deckorators. These post caps offer 3 different metal tops and a cedar or pressure treated base to match your wood style. They’re a stylish post accent that will leave you with a professional look, just as they did for Susan.


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Installation of a large pergola project over-top of a patio area

OZCO Laredo Sunset Ornamental Wood Ties

Take a peek at Michael's beast of a pergola project, built using OZCO Ornamental Wood Ties. This awesome multi-tiered design features OZCO’s Laredo Sunset Ornamental Wood Ties as the glue that holds everything together, both structurally and aesthetically. Think of these wood ties as the proverbial “icing on the cake” from a design standpoint, but it's icing that also meets or exceeds building codes. Within Michaels’ project we see he used some Post to Beam Bolt Brackets to ratchet up his cross beams to his posts, some Timber Screws to tie through those beams, some Flush Inside Tie Plates to tighten up his diagonal connections, and Hex Cap Nuts to add the finishing touches.

All of these wood ties are approved for ACQ treated lumber, crafted from powder coated aluminum or hot dipped galvanized steel and corrosion resistant. Give us a call and we can walk you through how to build your very own beast of a pergola.


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Trex Transcend railing installation with Trex Post Caps

Trex Transcend Cap-Stock Composite Railing System

 Rounding out the list we have Stephens’s pro-looking install of Trex Transcend Cap-Stock Composite Railing. Trex Transcend Railing is an easy to install composite system that has multiple color and infill options available. One great thing about Trex Transcend is that their infill kits have everything you will need to install round or square balusters. Stephen decided to go with the square Transcend Composite Baluster Pack in black which gave a nice, clean look to his railing. For a cohesive design, Stephen chose to complement his black balusters with a matching black Universal Bottom Rail and Universal Top Rail, which allowed him to easily use spare deck boards to create a drink rail.

Stephen's design is finished with black Transcend Post Sleeves and black LED Flat Post Cap Lights to safely and stylishly enjoy his deck late into the evening hours. The finished product is a beautifully crafted railing that is low maintenance and will last a very long time.


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