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Deck Safety Month

May is national deck safety month, and DecksDirect wants to help you make sure your deck is safe for this year! The North American Deck and Railing Association or NADRA and DecksDirect realize that sometimes inspecting your deck can be overlooked, even when it is recommended to do an inspection yearly. We want to help keep you safe this year with a small list of things to look for that could be signs that your deck is failing.

First on the checklist is to inspect your ledger boards. Are the ledger boards attached over siding, stucco, brick or veneer? Has the proper hardware been used to attach your ledger board? Failure to correctly attach your ledger board can result in your deck failing like it has in the small picture down below.

Next on our list is hardware. Do you see a reddish rust color from your hardware being corroded? This could be happening on your railing fasteners, baluster connectors, metal posts or anywhere metal is being used on your deck. Rusted out hardware is cause for concern because your deck boards, railings, and/or posts could become loose and that would be dangerous for anyone that decides to step or lean on that part of your deck.

Third on the list is framing. Is any of the wood used for your framing untreated, rotting, warping or decaying? Are any of your framing boards loose? Are you missing any connectors or joist hangers? These are all things you will want to look for to make sure your framing is secure. A solid framing is like a solid foundation for your deck. If your framing has begun to decay, warp, or rot it is something that you will want to fix ASAP!

Lastly on our list is making sure that your supporting posts are securely connected to your framing. Failure to correctly secure your structural posts to your deck framing will cause major problems down the road, and if it falls down, will leave you with an un-fixable problem. Follow your local building and weather requirements, and even have an inspector come out and check your connections because this connection is very important for both the longevity of your deck and the safety of everyone on it.

Deck safety is a must if you plan on having company onto your deck. Keeping everyone safe this season is something DecksDirect takes seriously and educating our customers on deck safety is one way we try to help people build a better deck! You can visit NADRA's deck safety month webpage and download there 10 point checklist by following this URL : (


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