Penofin logoPenofin - Performance Coatings Inc., Technical Bulletin #6, September, 2011

We all love a lazy afternoon on the deck! A cool drink on a hot Summer Day, a BBQ with friends. In the temperate months we live a good portion of our lives in these beautiful outdoor living rooms. But as always, the leaves start to fall and the temperatures begin to cool.

Don’t run inside and build a fire just yet! You need to put your deck to bed while the weather is still nice! Here are a few tips to keep your deck looking great all year long!

Overall Maintenance


• Be sure to sweep or blow off your deck once per week or as needed. One of the best ways to protect your deck is to keep it clean. Dirt, pollen, leaves, and debris usually carry mildew spores with them; left standing on your deck these make a perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew.
• Move or elevate pots and containers that may be on your deck often to avoid those dark “Pot Stains”. Check under the Bar B.Q., the dog bowl, etc…
• Wipe up spills as needed to avoid stains. Many foods and drinks would make a terrific wood stain.
• Clean your wood often! You wouldn’t clean your kitchen floor only once per year! Penofin Pro-Tech Cleaner is a terrific economical and environmentally friendly cleaner for all your outdoor surfaces that comes in concentrated powder form. Simply mix 1 Cup to 1 Gallon water. Apply the solution to wet wood and agitate lightly with a stiff bristle non-metallic brush. Rinse with a garden hose fitted with a spray nozzle and you’re done! Pro-Tech Cleaner is safe around plants and children and animals and will not harm the existing Penofin finish. One gallon of Pro-Tech will make sixteen-350 sq. ft. applications.


• After a summer full of sun and fun on your deck you will want to check it for loose boards, make sure all screws are securely screwed into the wood.
• Clean the cracks in between the boards with a putty knife or a 5 in one tool.
• Clean your deck with Penofin Pro-Tech cleaner, let dry and inspect for any areas that may show wear and tear such as scratches, places that have been hit regularly by sprinklers, etc…
• Apply a light coat of Penofin to areas that may show wear and tear being careful to wipe the wood after 15 – 30 minutes to restore the finish.


• Continue to sweep your deck as needed.
• Do not allow water to stand on your deck; after a storm sweep or blow the water away with a lawn blower. Snow does not cause as much damage as the water and salt residues it may leave behind after it melts.
• If you note any algae growth or your deck develops a slippery surface use Pro-Tech Cleaner as needed.


• Pick a warm day, take off your jacket and clean your deck with Pro-Tech Cleaner.
• If you have had a wet winter you may notice dark staining on the surface, this is Tannin or Extractive Bleeding. Treat these stains with Pro Tech Brightener to remove them using the same application process as the Cleaner.
• Once again check your deck for wear and tear and apply a light coat of Penofin to any areas that you may notice.
• Get out the lawn furniture and the cushions and have a party!