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DecksDirect Pro Tip: Keep Vinyl Railing Looking Great

Sep 9, 2019 12:17:44 PM | Posted in How-to Tips By Jamie B.

Keep your vinyl deck railing looking gorgeous year after year with these easy steps


Easy Tips on Cleaning Your Vinyl Railing System

from Durables to Illusions, keep your vinyl deck railing stunning

Vinyl and composite deck railing systems are a beautiful addition to any home and is a low-maintenance method for increasing security around your family's outdoor space and highlighting the architectural beauty of your home with timeless, traditional looks. With no need to paint or readjust your deck railing ever again, vinyl deck railing lines will last for decades and allow you more time to relax on your deck rather than working on it.

While being an incredibly effortless deck railing design to love, the occasional cleaning will help keep your vinyl deck railing system looking like the clean, pristine dream deck railing you've always wanted.

The clean lines and bright colors of the Durables Vinyl Railing line, shown in Manchester, highlights the classical beauty of most any home

1) General Splish and Splash

As with most railing and fencing, a soft general cleaning will be sufficient for the majority of decks, porches, and patios across the country. Fill an empty bucket with some room temperature water, and slowly add in some soft detergent or a mild household cleaning agent such as Dawn® dish soap. Use a soft cloth or clean rag, soak it in the soapy water, and gently scrub your vinyl railing. Watch as your surface spots and dirt melt away with ease! Avoid any residue left behind by removing any soap on your railing for more than 15 minutes and remember to rinse well with clean, non-soapy water.

2) Pressure Washing

Pressure washing can seem like a wonderful option for cleaning your vinyl railing, especially if your deck has been neglected for a year or two and has some dirt and debris built up over time. While power washing can be a fun way to get a deep clean on your vinyl deck railing, you need to make sure that you're doing it correctly! Set your pressure washer to the lowest setting possible and be sure to use a fan-tip nozzle when spraying. This will keep the water from damaging your rails or scuffing up the finish at all.

3) Pesky persistent Stains

From kids to backyard projects gone awry, a lot of odd things can end up on your deck railing from time to time! From rubber marks or tar and oil, permanent marker or nail polish remover; what's a homeowner to do? Simply use a melamine foam cleaning pad such as a Magic Eraser™ or Easy Eraser™ to wipe away those marks and stains for a beautiful outdoor area.

4) Harmless Mold and Algae

From small black dots to small swathes of green buildup, occasional mold or algae appearances can happen from time to time. This surface-issue mildew doesn't damage or affect your railing material at all, however, it can become quite an eye-sore over time. As these spots are simply resting on the exterior level of the vinyl, give your deck railing a nice, firm scrub-down using a foam cleaning pad or low-level pressure washer. Once rinsed away, prevent future occurrences with a swift wipe of white vinegar over the newly cleaned area.

5) Stronger Cleaners

You've tried a big bucket of soapy water, even ran through a box of Magic Eraser™ cleaning pads; but you still can't get rid of a pesky stain? Try a long-time favorite! Goof Off™ works extremely well at removing stuck-on elements or marks such as stickers, candle wax, tape residue, tree sap, crayon, and more. No tough scrubbing, no discolored spots, just a straightforward way to help your vinyl deck railing keep looking its best!

6) Bring Dull Spots Back to Life

After giving your vinyl railing a thorough cleaning, you may notice some spots that have a duller shine or don't look quite the same as before. No worries, this is quite common, especially with newly installed vinyl. To restore the shine, wipe the fencing down with a clean, damp cloth and watch the shine reappear in minutes. Still not quite as you want it? Dry the surface and apply a non-abrasive outdoor paste wax, such as one from Armor All® or Johnson & Johnson™. House wax, automotive wax or plastic boat polish can also help you revive the shine you want!


Now, for a few things we recommend putting away in the back of your cleaning cabinet when it comes to your vinyl deck railing:
-Never use an abrasive material to clean your railings such as Steel Wool, sandpaper, or a Scratch Pad. This can dull and damage your vinyl surface possibly beyond repair!
-Never use an abrasive cleaner such as bleach, ammonia, or Nanoscrub to polish up your vinyl fencing and railing.
-Lastly, never use any cleaners, materials, or tools that are not approved for use on vinyl.

The stunning and traditional look of the Durables Ashington Vinyl Deck Railing system is a brilliant choice for protecting any style of home

If at any point in your project you have any questions, feel free to give our deck experts a call at 1-888-824-5316 or send us an email at

Shop Vinyl Railing Today

DecksDirect Pro Tip: What Size Post Cap Do I Need?

Jun 10, 2019 3:00:01 PM | Posted in How-to Tips By Jamie B.

Simple and timeless, the Westbury Tuscany deck railing line can add entirely new life to your home and outdoor space


What Post Cap Size Do I Need?

DecksDirect Pro Tip: Find Your Perfect Post Cap Size

One of the easiest ways to take your backyard deck, patio, or fence from everyday to exceptional is polishing off your space with a gorgeous and stylish post cap. An ingenious way to add a touch of detail to your outdoor space while protecting your posts and hardware from everyday water, dirt, and debris; post caps can help complete an entire look. From natural wood to powder-coated aluminum, solar lighting to low-voltage; the perfect post cap can enhance the entire atmosphere of your outdoor living space.


How to find the deck or fence post cap size you need for your project in seconds.

First, grab a tape measure or ruler and use it to find the measurements for 2 of the outside surfaces of your deck or fence post. Once you've found the measurement to the closest 1/16 of an inch, write it down for easy reference. Common post sizes include 4x4 posts, 6x6 posts, and 4x6 posts.

Measure the outside spans of your deck or fence post to find the perfect post cap opening size.

After you found the true measurement of your post width, finding your perfect post cap opening size for your deck or fence post is a breeze.The ideal fence or deck post opening size is between 1/16 to 1/8 of an inch larger than the width of your post. This will allow the post cap to sit snugly atop your post without blowing over and away in the wind. Here's a magnified view of an inch laid out on a ruler, this can help you keep different fractions clear so choosing the right size every time can be easy.

Want to know the perfect post cap size for your deck, fence or mailbox? Check out this convenient, magnified ruler.

To understand the final look of your post cap possibilities before purchasing, below is a helpful guide to the dimensions that will be listed under every post cap offered by DecksDirect. This can help you determine how low onto your post you would like your cap to sit, as well as how grand or low-key you want your post caps to look once installed on your posts. Perfect for illuminating, completing, and protecting your projects; post caps are a gorgeous choice for everything from decks and fence posts to mailboxes and pergolas. Bring your dream deck design or outdoor living idea out into reality with DecksDirect.



Learn how to measure and find your perfect deck or fence post cap size every time.

Want to take your deck, patio or backyard project to the next level? Give one of our experienced Deck Designers a call at 1-888-824-5316 and we can help get your project moving so you can still show it off this summer.

Find Your Perfect Post Cap Today

DecksDirect Pro Tip: Mount Deck Post Anchors on Concrete

May 28, 2019 5:14:15 PM | Posted in How-to Tips By Jamie B.

Securely mount and attach strong wooden posts to virtually any surface with the Titan Deck Post Anchor

How to Mount Deck Post Anchors Anywhere

install the Titan Post Anchor on Concrete, Composites and More

Incredibly versatile and featuring the strength of either Galvanized powder-coated steel or corrosion-resistant stainless steel, Titan Post Anchors and OZCO Post Base Kits can be installed on concrete, treated lumber, concrete, hardwoods, and more to create the strongest and most reliable backyard structures possible. From gorgeous multi-level decks, stunning gazebos, pergolas and pavilions, carports or mailboxes; these solid Post Anchors are perfect for nearly any project and all materials. Post anchors already include the installation hardware needed to mount your post to any type of lumber or wood decking for a smooth install.

DecksDirect Pro Tip: Want to install your deck or fence post anchor on concrete? Easy! Simply switch out your standard pan-head lags with Concrete or Masonry screws. Opt for a strong concrete screw such as Caliburn XL Concrete Screws by GRK, which is specially engineered to drive into the stone-like material and strongly engage with its thread design. Pre-drill the screw openings around the base with a concrete drill bit and attach with the tougher screws.

Titan Post Anchors are on sale now for a limited time. Now is the perfect opportunity to start the project you've always wanted to build, renovate an older structure, or stock up for future builds because these deck post anchors are going fast!

How to Attach Post Anchors to Your Posts: Use a construction square or ruler to mark the center of the post with two diagonal lines. Have a lot of support posts to install? Make your job move faster with a Post Anchor Center Guide. Use a Hole Saw to drill into the center of your post. Insert the metal tube of your deck post anchor down into the center of the post as far as you can. Drive the post anchor base in with a rubber mallet or 3lb hammer. Pre-drill the screw openings in the base with a 5/16 inch drill bit and then drive in the included galvanized lag bolts to secure your post anchor in place.

It's only three easy steps to attach your wooden deck posts to your strong Titan Post Anchors

How to Install Deck Post Anchors: Set your post anchor in position on your deck, patio, or concrete surface. Doublecheck that there is enough blocking or material underneath for the bolts to drive into. Use a 5/16 inch drill bit to pre-drill the 8 screw openings along the base of the post anchor. Drive the included screws into the holes until fully in place. Polish off your installed post while adding extra security to your hardware with Post Anchor Skirt.


There are endless options for using Post Anchors around your home and yard, and we'd love to help you plan out a project! Give one of our deck designers a call at 1-888-824-5316 to get your idea started today!

Post Anchors on Sale Today

DecksDirect Pro Tip: Lengthen Your Feeney Cable Run

May 20, 2019 12:56:55 PM | Posted in How-to Tips By Jamie B.

Create a gorgeous, open view with the stainless steel strength of Feeney CableRail on your outdoor space

Create the Cable Railing Look You Want

with the versatile Feeney CableRail system

Enhance your backyard view and create a unique, breezy deck railing layout with the innovative Feeney CableRail system and CableRail Kits. Strong and corrosion resistant stainless steel cables provide a nearly invisible infill to keep your vistas clear and your family, guests, and pets safe from falls. Choose from the premium look of the Feeney DesignRail system, a powder-coated aluminum railing line, or create a singular railing style and design to fit your home with the DIY-friendly CableRail kits.

Feeney CableRail assembly kits are essentially an entire run of cable, including installation hardware, all together in one single package. These CableRail Kits are available in cable sizes of 1/8 inch, 3/16 inch, or 1/4 inch widths, and are offered in increments of 5 feet long up to the maximum span of 70 feet.

DecksDirect Pro Tip: Want to install Feeney CableRail on your outdoor space, but have have a distance longer than the 70 foot max? No worries! Use a Fixed Lock Toggle fitting on one end of your cable run, with an In-Line Turnbuckle fitting installed at the mid-way point, and finish it off with a corresponding Fixed Lock Toggle fitting at the end. This can increase the length of cable in your run by up to 30 feet.

When choosing to do one-of-a-kind railing designs and layouts such as this, we highly recommend getting in touch with one of our deck designers to help you pick out the railing lines, styles, and hardware that match your home's style and can help create the outdoor look you want. Give us a call at 1-888-824-5316 to get started today!

    Beautiful views no matter which way you look with Feeney CableRail deck railing and the great outdoors

Shop Feeney Cable Today


DecksDirect Pro Tip: How to Install Trex RainEscape Easily

May 13, 2019 2:23:00 PM | Posted in How-to Tips By Jamie B.

Trex RainEscape helps your lower level patio or porch remain free of rainwater and spills all year long

How to Install Trex RainEscape

Fast, Easy, and All on Your Own

One of the hottest growing deck trends of 2019 is installing a deck drainage system on new or existing decks to create a whole new lower-level patio or space that your family can enjoy for decades. Under Deck Drainage systems such as Trex RainEscape, Zip-Up UnderDeck, or UpSide Deck Ceiling allow you and your guests to expand your usable living space outdoors and help your backyard become a neighborhood destination.

Aside from getting a warm, dry area to store seasonal toys or appliances throughout the colder or rainier months of the year, Under Deck Drainage systems help you to gain another family living room space. Outside in the open, connected with the nature of your surroundings, gain a new favorite room in the house.

One of the customer-favorite deck drainage systems is the trusted and reliable Trex RainEscape line. A system of troughs, downspouts, and rainproof Butyl Tape makes this the ideal system for new deck construction as it protects and shields joists from rain and water damage while channeling water and debris away from your home and down into an installed gutter.

DecksDirect Pro Tip: To keep installation moving smoothly and to ensure that all pieces are attached correctly the first time, simply use your cell phone to scan the QR codes found on each Trex RainEscape component. Scanning the QR code will lead you to the offical installation instruction video made specifically for that product. Watch step-by-step to make sure your job is done right the first time with Trex RainEscape.


If at any point in your project you have any questions, feel free to give our deck experts a call at 1-888-824-5316 or send us an email at


Shop Trex RainEscape Today

DecksDirect Pro Tip: Control Your Lights Switch-Free

May 6, 2019 2:55:09 PM | Posted in How-to Tips By Jamie B.

Install Dekor EZ Motion Sensors around your outdoor area to keep friends and family safe as the sun goes down

Control Your LED Deck Lights Switch-Free

With the Infrared power of the Dekor EZ Motion Sensor

Create an enchanting outdoor ambiance and control your lights the way you want with the completely programmable Dekor EZ Motion Sensing Controller and the Dekor EZ Motion Sensor. The EZ Motion Controller receiver unit works directly with the patented Dekor® Plug & Play connectors to create an easy-to-install and hassle-free system that you can set as you like.

Simply connect your lights to the EZ Motion Sensors and mount them in the locations you wish to illuminate such as staircases, hallways, entrances, steps, and much more. You can position these sensors to anywhere you want to have the lights power on based on movement or the amount of light received. Set the brightness, duration of time, and sensitivity to motion you desire for your lights, and the Dekor Motion Sensing Controller will retain all of your programming to meet your demands.

All of this housed within a 1/2 inch by 1-3/4 inch round, powder-coated aluminum case. Completely waterproof, this cast aluminum piece is offered in the nearly invisible finish of Antique Metal Black. Perfect for coordinating with other Dekor Lighting fixtures or essentially fading from view once installed.

Set the mood you want for your home with the gorgeous look of LED Deck Lighting and the Dekor EZ Motion Sensing Controller and EZ Motion Sensor. Install as few or as many sensors as you'd like to gain complete control of your outdoor space.



If at any point in your project you have any questions, feel free to give our deck experts a call at 1-888-824-5316 or send us an email at

Want to know more about your deck lighting options? Check out our helpful Deck Lighting Guide to learn about different lighting fixtures, connectors, power styles, and more.


Buy a Dekor EZ Motion Sensor Now

DecksDirect Pro Tip: Install Composite Decking Fast and Easy

Apr 29, 2019 2:50:53 PM | Posted in How-to Tips By Jamie B.

The DuraLife Step-Clip Hidden Fastening system is the easiest and fastest way to get composite decking installed securely without breaking your back


How to Install Composite Decking Fast and Easy

with the all-new Step-Clip Hidden Fastening System by DuraLife

With Composite Decking quickly becoming the top choice for new deck construction and outdoor renovations alike, the market for Hidden Deck Fasteners keeps improving upon itself year after year. Long gone are the days of face-fastening down your boards and hoping none of the nails rise up over time. These days, whether you're using concealed clips for grooved boards, such as CONCEALoc for TimberTech, or a strong, discreet side-installed nail such as the beloved Camo Hidden Fasteners, the main goal is to keep your deck surface smooth and blemish-free.

There are an abundance of Hidden Deck Fastening systems to choose from, all with their own pros and cons. This year, however, DecksDirect was introduced to a deck fastening system that was equally brilliant and simple; an invention that makes you think, "How did this not exist before?"

The Step-Clip Hidden Fastening System by DuraLife Decking cuts installation time in half while eliminating the need for extra measuring, kneeling, and tools. Spend more time enjoying your deck and less time breaking your back to install it with DuraLife. A brilliant choice for both homeowners and contractors alike, the Step-Clip system helps you get the job done right and done fast.

Simply hammer or use a nail-gun to attach the Step-Clip Strips by DuraLife directly to joists

Step 1: Use a standard hammer or nail-gun and attach the Step-Clip strips directly to the joists of your deck's substructure. This strip will be attached using the included stainless steel nails for heightened corrosion-resistance. It's recommended to drive 2 nails evenly spaced between the clips for a sturdy hold. These Step-Clip strips eliminate the extra cost of joist tape by protecting the joist itself from water damage, rot, and decay. Along the outside perimeter of the deck frame, trim the first clip off of the strip with a utility knife.

The Step-Clip Hidden Fastening System by DuraLife Decking allows you to simply walk across the composite deck board to install

Step 2: Place your DuraLife Starter Board in place and walk across, locking the grooved edge of the board securely into the clip. From there, place your next DuraLife Grooved Edge Deck Board in position, and walk across the board length-wise to fasten it in place. Continue working this way until all deck boards are fully secured.

Working with more than one person? Start at both ends of the deck to save even more time.

Cut down composite decking installation time by 50% with DuraLife Decking and the Step-Clip Fastening System

Step 3: With your DuraLife Deck Boards installed, polish off your Starter Boards with the perfectly coordinating Cortex Concealed Fastening System for DuraLife Decking. A color-matching plug system that conceals the stainless steel screws needed to securely fasten your initial boards.


Check out the speed difference between installing DuraLife Decking with the Step-Clip Hidden Fastening System versus installing a leading competitor brand.

If at any point in your project you have any questions, feel free to give our deck experts a call at 1-888-824-5316 or send us an email at


Discover the Step-Clip System


DecksDirect Pro Tip: Dekor Lighted Balusters

Apr 15, 2019 3:42:15 PM | Posted in How-to Tips By Jamie B.

Dekor Single Basket Baluster with Light and Double Basket Baluster with Lights installed beautifully on a hardwood deck add a delicate touch of light throughout the night


How to Install Dekor Balusters with Lights

Add Amazing Light to Your Regular Railing

Dekor balusters are handcrafted from superior-grade aluminum, incredibly durable powder-coating, and the highest-quality LED lights available on the market. A contemporary and modern way to add illumination, personality and charm to your outdoor space all in one. Whether sprinkling a few throughout each section, or intertwining them with the classic look of standard Dekor balusters; Dekor balusters with lights are a unique way to increase the safety around your home and catch the attention of your neighbors and friends.

DecksDirect Pro Tip: Installing and incorporating Dekor Balusters with Lights into your railing system is best to be done either with new construction, or when doing a complete remodeling of railing. Each lighted baluster must be individually wired to the transformer. Installing these balusters once your railing is already finished will lead to a headache of taking everything apart and finding new ways to conceal the wire.

While an extremely elegant and gorgeous way to add brightness to your outdoor space, knowing when and how to layout the wiring for these balusters is crucial a beautiful setup. Check out the videos below to see the best methods of hiding low voltage wires within your railing as well as how to layout a lighting plan so that your deck may be efficient and enviable at the same time.


If at any point in your project you have any questions, feel free to give our deck experts a call at 1-888-824-5316 or send us an email at


Discover Dekor Lit Balusters

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