New Camo Marksman Edge Tool

Now It's possible to avoid gaps between deck boards AND enjoy a fastener-free surface, with the Marksman Edge Tool from CAMO.  The tool works with any standard drill to secure CAMO fasteners diagonally through the deck board and into the joist.  If desired, secondary spacers may be used to create a gap between deck boards.

Camo Marksman - Edge Unit

The Camo Marksman Edge Tool

  • Why We Love It: This tool has an economical price point and is a great fit for jobs small and large.
  • Why It's Unique: The CAMO Marksman Edge Tool can install CAMO Hidden Fasteners with zero gap between deck boards.
  • Why You'll Love It: CAMO Fasteners and Tools are easy to use and they eliminate the need for pre-drilling, making installation a snap.


CAMO Marksman Edge Tool