Camo Hidden Deck Fastening System

Camo Hidden Deck Fastening System

Imagine that you've spent hours coming up with the perfect layout for your new decking project. You went out and found the perfect brand and material of decking boards. You lay out everything you needed for your beautiful new deck, but then you install the deck and have screw holes everywhere! Your beautiful new deck is now an unsightly screw graveyard.

Camo is here to help get you the flush, clean, non-screw look that you want with their Hidden Deck Fastening System.. With Camo you can use their hidden fastening system with treated lumber, composite, hardwood, cedar, and PVC deck boards. Plus, when you shop with DecksDirect and spend over $99 you'll receive free shipping! Why buy Camo's hidden fastener system? Because this system is made to accommodate you.

Depending on what size decking board, what material, and what end look you want, Camo has a tool for you with their Marksman line of tools. The Camo Marksman - Edge Unit is great for installing pressure-treated boards directly next to each other with no spacing between boards. The Camo Edge Pro tool allows you to stand up while installing your fasteners and, like the Edge unit, has no spacing between boards (spacers can be added if desired). The Edge Pro tool also has a drill that is included and uses Camo's Collated Hidden Fasteners for added speed of installation. The Camo Marksman - Pro Unit is Camo's heavy duty contractor-grade tool. This tool leaves an automatic 3/16" gap between 6" deck boards and can be used with several different types of materials. The Camo Marksman - Pro - X1 Unit is the same tool as the Marksman Pro, but instead of a 3/16" gap between boards you will get a 1/16" gap. To round the list off, we have the Camo Marksman - Pro - NB Unit, which is the tool that should be used if your deck boards are 3-1/4" - 5" wide. Camo also offers hidden deck clips and driver bits that will fit with their systems.


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